The Easy Peasy Image to Background - From $9

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The Easy Peasy Image-to-Background is the easiest way to obtain quick backgrounds from your favourite pictures. Whether you’re doing it for a website, a PowerPoint presentation, your family albums, paper prints or illustrations, the this trusty tool will always be there for you.

Just one click, and the image is ready. That’s it. No fancy preps, no add-ons and no extra purchases.

You can even choose from a multitude of color palettes, and if you want a custom job, even better! The non-destructive layered edit enables you to change the colors on the fly, and with immediate results. Simply double-click the Fill layers, change the colors, and that’s it. Easy peasy.

Not to mention that you can now grab this deal for only $9. This is the price for a standard license, but you can also get the extended one for an extra $15! (Find more details about these licenses in the Deal Terms tab on this page).

Take a look at what you get:


So, what are you waiting for? Grab this deal while you still can!

Terms & License

– Files are delivered as an instant download after completing your purchase.
– Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CS3+
‐ Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.

Standard License –

Files are used to create an item that is neither for sale nor free distribution. The file and derivatives can be viewed on the creator’s site no matter how many people visit the site. It can be used electronically (on the internet) for an unlimited number of times.

N.B. :The user may use the item for resale and free distribution when the file or item plays a minor role in the End Product.

Furthermore, the buyer cannot create more than 500.000 physical copies of the file. They are further restricted from creating content for resale and distribution, where the file plays a major role in the End Product.

Extended License –

The buyer can use the file in all the cases mentioned in the Standard License but he is no longer limited to 500.000 physical copies. They can also use the derivatives of the file no matter the role in End Products that are intended for sale of Free distribution.

Note: In no way is the user allowed to Redistribute/resell/lease/license/sub license the item in the form he receives it (as is) or in modified form.
They also cannot include the files in bundles or software with the intention of boosting sales. This is considered redistribution of the original resource and is infringing upon the license.

InkyDeals License Agreement

1 review for The Easy Peasy Image to Background – From $9

  1. A.M.

    It is a really simple product, but it will save you time. The actions will give you basic colors, just as shown – but you can change blending modes, add your own textures, and adjust opacity and/or fill for a multitude of additional effects. I only give this 4 stars, because the Play-All action did not work and playing individual actions creates individual layers that would be better if they were grouped as an end result (just makes it more organized and easier to work with). Otherwise, it is a nice addition to the kit.

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