Wedding Photo Effects - Photoshop Actions

The Amazing Wedding Photo Effects will apply serene, luminous effects on your wedding and baby shower photos. Let’s be real here: you will have hundreds of photos to go through, and so little time to process them. With the Amazing Wedding Photo Effects, you’ll have them ready in no time!

The set contains ten unique actions. Obviously, it will be hard to decide which one to use.

But you know what? We’ve included an all-in-one option. It will run all the effects in a single instance. Then, you simply select the one you like, and move on. Click, click, boom. Your image is ready in 10 seconds. How cool is that?

The actions execute 20 minutes of work in 5 seconds.
Files: .ATN

What is an Action (.ATN) file?
The action (.ATN) file contains a pre-set sequence of commands for Adobe Photoshop, recorded by their creator. The action applies those commands on any number of images. What makes the action so great is that it applies in less than 5 seconds and effect that would normally take you around 20 minutes.

Usually you would have to pay $15, but exclusively on InkyDeals you can now take home these Photoshop actions for only $0.99

Take a look at what you get:



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