Shadow Generator for Web Frames

The Shadow Generator for Web Frames is a set of actions for Adobe Photoshop, designed to create various drop shadow effects. Choose from a set of 12 unique shadow styles, generated from your own designs!

You don’t have to be a Photoshop guru to use them, the actions will do the heavy lifting for you. Simply load the selection and run the actions. Easy peasy!

Files: .ATN

What is an Action (.ATN) file?
The action (.ATN) file contains a pre-set sequence of commands for Adobe Photoshop, recorded by their creator. The action applies those commands on any number of images. What makes the action so great is that it applies in less than 5 seconds and effect that would normally take you around 10 minutes.

Usually you would have to pay $10, but exclusively on InkyDeals you can now take home this great deal for only $0.99

Take a look at what you get:


2 reviews for Shadow Generator for Web Frames

  1. webshesham (verified owner)

    Very Bad Action it should make shadow Style not layer

  2. A. (verified owner)

    This plugin is a definite time saver and it works. However, although it does produce what is intended, the action does not work without errors and the instructions to use aren’t very clear-cut; otherwise, I would have given it 5 stars. (This could be a version error? Currently using v cc2015.5.) The layers stay in tact, so you can easily transform the shadow to fit seamlessly with your image.

    It is also important to note that this action is already included in the Extended Epic Bundle as “Drop Shadow Generator”, so be careful not to purchase it again.

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(2 customer reviews)
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