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Why sell on InkyDeals?

 Advantages for Vendors:

  • No upfront marketing costs
  • Exposure to a large audience
  • Extra marketing channel
  • Test products really fast, get traction to products you launch
  • We handle payments, refunds, affiliates, promotions on partner website

What you get?

Extra income without spending anything on marketing


Free Website traffic

Editorial features on our partners websites

Why Customers Love InkyDeals

  • Highly Discounted Products
  • Quality Products
  • Bundles
  • Diversity
  • Access to products that otherwise would be a lot more expensive
  • Access to exclusive deals and products
  • Amazing customer support

 Some stats:

> Over 250,000 Email Subscribers

> 13000 Fb likes and ~ 5000 Twitter followers

> More than 300 vendors worked with us so far

> Thousands of campaigns created

How it works?

After you submit your product, one of our colleagues will contact you to discuss about your deal if we think it fits our audience. Once everything is in place(agreements, terms&conditions) we start working on the promotion for your product.

– we do the featured image

– the copy for the deal description

– setup the systems so customers can access the product as fast as possible

Once the promotion has started we start promoting the hell out of the deal to maximize revenue and impact. We have a lot of partners where we distribute the deals based on what kind of product it is to make sure the proper audience see it.

Once the promotion is over, after 2-4 weeks you get your payment via Paypal or bank transfer.

If you have a great product or you want a certain product that would be a good fit here on InkyDeals, please submit it in the form bellow.

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