Since 2011 Inky is bringing great Designer Deals every day for creatives all around the world. InkyDeals.com was created from the desire to offer our fellow designers (beginners and veterans alike) high quality resources at unbeatable prices.

Inky is a lovable little blob who’s passionate about design and creativity. His daily routine involves searching for great deals with all the resources a creative professional may need. He’s made a lot of friends along the way, because of those big blue eyes and because he’s always there to help you meet deadlines and stack up on quality resources for your personal library. In case you were curious, here are some of Inky’s friends:


That pretty much makes InkyDeals the “it” place to get your hands on the best deals and design bundles, at exclusive prices. We’re a hard working, funky team of design enthusiasts who create packages, advertise unique deals and kick ass on a daily basis.

Inky’s story originates from Black Friday Deals, inky is a synonym for black, InkyDeals = Black Friday Deals.

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