Inky is a lovable little blob who’s passionate about design. His daily routine involves searching for great deals with all the resources a creative professional may need. He’s made a lot of friends along the way, because of those big blue eyes and because he’s always there to help you meet deadlines and stack up on quality resources for your personal library. In case you were curious, here are some of Inky’s friends:



That pretty much makes InkyDeals the “it” place to get your hands on the best deals and design bundles, at exclusive prices. We’re a hard working, funky team of design enthusiasts from Bucharest, Romania who creates, packages, advertises unique deals and kicks ass on a daily basis.


We actually founded the Brainik Network back in 2008, with Inky’s sister site Designious.com. Yes, we’re a network. It sounds all sophisticated, but really it takes a lot of work, dedication and constant fooling around. Inky Deals was created October 2011 from the desire to offer our fellow designers (beginners and veterans alike) high quality resources at unbeatable prices. So here we are!

Curious about the people behind Inky’s big cute eyes? Here is our team:

A few of the companies using our designs are (yes, we’re going to brag about it):

So far we’ve gathered over 150.000 members in our design family. Nothing would make us happier than being able to consider you part of it. You can check out some of our members’ feedback here