SuperMassive Bundle: 13,000+ Overlays & Backgrounds

The Only Overlays And Backgrounds Bundle You Will Ever Need. Period.

Are you tired of looking at plain and boring photos? Are you trying to impress a potential client or your friends with your photography and design skills?

We have the perfect solution for all your worries!

Presenting the Supermassive Bundle Of 13,000+ Overlays And Backgrounds which will help you to take your photography and design skills to the next level!

This bundle contains more than 5500 overlays and 7500 backgrounds so you will never run out of creative inspiration.


  • 5503 transparent PNG overlays in 4K resolution (300dpi)
  • 7662 JPG backgrounds in 4K resolution (300dpi)
  • Lifetime commercial license which allows you to use them for your commercial projects
  • Compatible with any app and software which has layers functionality. You can use it with popular editing tools like Photoshop, Corel Paintshop Pro, GIMP, Affinity Photo, Pixlr, Adobe Photoshop Elements, etc.
  • Cross-platform support (You can use it in Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux based operating systems)

What you get:

Overlay Categories:

  • 5 3d strokes
  • 19 Amethyst’s Reflections
  • 20 Anemone
  • 20 Artificial Contrast
  • 20 Artificial Space
  • 20 Bacteria’s Filaments
  • 20 Be My Valentine
  • 110 Blue & Gold Elegance Sparkles
  • 20 Blue Shadows
  • 110 Blue Sparkles
  • 30 Blue – Green Sparkles
  • 160 Bokeh
  • 20 Brightest Rainbow
  • 20 Cold Colors
  • 9 Cold Swirls
  • 10 Cosmos
  • 21 Crystal
  • 110 Cute Sparkles
  • 19 Dark Blood
  • 20 Dark Iridescence
  • 19 Dark Rainbow
  • 20 Dark Red Iridescent
  • 20 Darkest Shadows
  • 18 Digital Blue
  • 30 Displacement
  • 11 Dragon Eggs
  • 18 Drone Spheres
  • 20 Electron Orbits
  • 20 Evergreen
  • 20 Fire
  • 20 Fire Core
  • 20 Fire Dispersion
  • 20 Fire Motion
  • 97 Fire Particles
  • 110 Fire Sparkles
  • 20 Fireflies
  • 20 Flame Waves
  • 20 Freedom
  • 20 Galaxy
  • 20 Galaxy Orbits
  • 97 Galaxy Particles
  • 110 Galaxy Sparkles
  • 99 Galaxy Neon
  • 38 Golden Dragon Eggs
  • 20 Golden Geometry
  • 20 Golden Reflections
  • 110 Golden Sparkles
  • 19 Graphic Defects
  • 140 Lights
  • 20 Modular Objects
  • 20 Motion
  • 19 Motion Blue
  • 62 Multicolor
  • 110 Multicolor Sparkles
  • 19 Nature Lights
  • 126 Night Leaks
  • 20 Ocean Lines
  • 20 Pink Neon
  • 110 Pink Sparkles
  • 20 Purity
  • 20 Purple Fireworks
  • 20 Purple Neon
  • 110 Purple Sparkles
  • 50 Purple/Pink
  • 19 Rainbow Crystal
  • 19 Rainbow Shadows
  • 20 Rainbow Sparks
  • 20 Red Neon
  • 19 Red Shadows
  • 110 Red Sparkles
  • 30 Red/Orange
  • 20 Royal Iridescence
  • 110 Royal Sparkles
  • 20 Shades of Blue
  • 110 Silver Sparkles
  • 19 Skin Shadows
  • 20 Smoothness
  • 20 Soft Light Rainbow
  • 34 Sparkly Bokeh
  • 35 Strokes
  • 19 Sunlight
  • 10 Swirls
  • 10 Urban Swirls
  • 418 Water Bokeh
  • 704 Water Flowers
  • 612 Water Stars
  • 10 Waves
  • 20 Wavy Gradients
  • 110 Xmas Sparkles
  • 20 Green Geometry
  • 110 Green Sparkles
  • 20 Inverted Power
  • 19 Life
  • 20 Lighten

Background Categories:

  • 396 3rd Dimension
  • 549 Abstraction
  • 60 Light
  • 50 Bokeh
  • 396 Bricks
  • 83 Cassiopeia
  • 396 Cells
  • 74 Colors
  • 396 Crossed
  • 60 DarkBokeh
  • 15 Fractal
  • 41 Fractalic
  • 188 Glitch
  • 346 Handmade Painting
  • 162 Handmade Circle
  • 50 Inferno
  • 10 Iridescence
  • 69 Lumenscence
  • 6 Microchip
  • 933 Microchip Textures
  • 50 Oblivion
  • 396 Pixeled
  • 50 Plastic
  • 13 Pop Art
  • 396 Radial
  • 162 Radial PNG
  • 98 Rounded Pixels
  • 110 Royal
  • 413 Seamless Textures
  • 32 Sparkly
  • 162 Twirl PNG
  • 396 Twist
  • 396 Vibrance
  • 396 Vintage
  • 396 Waves
  • 396 Lines

Take A Closer Look At This Amazing Bundle:

The Ginormous Bundle Preview 4

The Ginormous Bundle 3

The Ginormous Bundle Preview 8

Grab The Supermassive Overlays And Backgrounds Bundle For Just $2500 $39 Today!

Deal Terms:

  • This bundle is available as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The bundle can be used for personal and commercial purposes on an unlimited number of projects.
  • End products must not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with the original item you purchased.
  • The products cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own. You cannot share these resources with others.
  • You will get lifetime access to the bundle.
  • These overlays are not compatible with Lightroom as it does not have layers functionality.
  • Please contact us at if you need a Print On Demand license.

28 reviews for SuperMassive Bundle: 13,000+ Overlays & Backgrounds

  1. Patrick Kapfer (verified owner)

    Awesome package for the cheap price. Very useful for creative people!

  2. nykki.weinberg (verified owner)

    Worth it. You can probably find whatever you need here.

  3. robeerth (verified owner)

    A great package. Very useful.

  4. saleem joseph saleem (verified owner)

    This is very nice product

  5. Daniel Mar (verified owner)

    Price is right, wish the downloads were fewer files

  6. Roi (verified owner)

    This is amazing product and price

  7. Randy Smith (verified owner)

    Awesome! Im liking what Im seeing so far, some cool effects! Thanks

  8. William Still

    A lot of useless overlays

  9. ibangf (verified owner)

    Fantástico. Miles de recursos para editar mis fotos. Genial.

  10. Kymberli (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the creative freedom this bundle gives me… Am really excited for all my future projects

  11. Rebecca Poole (verified owner)

    Great resource to have in my arsenal.

  12. Andreas Falke (verified owner)

    Remember those images with a great motif, but lacking that little extra color or spark? Well, this is THE bundle for that kind of situation. If you use them subtly together with some color adjustments, those sparkles etc. can add a lot of atmosphere. The pro: The bundle is indeed huge, both in variety and size. Chances are that you won’t need any overlays soon after this. So it is good to have in your arsenal. The con: while there is some order, it isn’t very consistent. So, to work effectively with these, I advise you to go through the files and give the folder structure some love. In the future, Inky Deals might want to order them by predominant color or such. Some folders already are named accordingly, but others just are given fairly meaningless titles. Still, the content is wonderful and wonderfully useful. Definitely worth it.

  13. florbar (verified owner)

    Excelente servicio, cinco bolitas de pozol.

  14. Dominik Bischoff (verified owner)

    Tolle Sachen dabei ,freue mich immer über so umfangreiche Budels.Gerne mehr davon.

  15. hofmanzg (verified owner)

    This is big time saver! After downloading all the parts i can say it is pack for everybody. I have used it in some birthday invitations and they have change the whole experience of cards. This hi-res thing is useful to mix parts to make your own versions. 120 Gb of zip files, so you must find something there to wow yourself and others. I am waiting for the next pack. :)

  16. Ritthichai Wisetchat (verified owner)

    It is a wonderful for development of work

  17. Oliver Kogler (verified owner)

    Very useful and beautiful collection. A huge bundle of images fitting all my overlay needs. Fully recommended due to price and content!

  18. horrorscorpion (verified owner)

    Super riesige Auswahl,für alles was dabei.Problemlos und schnell.Vielen Dank für das rießige Paket.

  19. loufubu7 (verified owner)

    This is a very large set. I have several sets and this particular set has some of the lesser-used options. Many sets have the same stuff again and again with slight differences. I look forward to using these in my work.

  20. suguavi (verified owner)

    I am in love with this amazing bundle. Thanks Inky Deals for making my work more easy.

  21. suguavi (verified owner)

    Is amazing I am very happy with the purchase, make my work more beautiful. These is a great deal get it now!!!!

  22. Andrea Angelo Camuto (verified owner)

    what to say? I have been a digital artist for 23 years, I teach in post production and digital art in Italy and in all these years I have never found a seller so serious, professional and available online, and I definitely have not seen material that is just as good and useful. like the one I have bought here several times, the only problem you have to buy from inkydeals is that afterwards you feel the need and the desire to buy everything they have on the market, if you are here to read because you have a doubt whether to buy or minus this package, believe me you would make a mistake going away without having completed the purchase, I can guarantee you that this is the best material you can find on the internet, and I can still guarantee that it is also the cheapest one, I also bought in other places spending twice as much to have much less material at an extremely poorer quality, if you work with images, if you do it for passion, if it’s just a hobby, that’s where you have to take the your graphic material.

  23. elchr22 (verified owner)

    great resource that will normally take you years to gather. Great to enhance images beyond what a client expects.

  24. bernard.gilbert (verified owner)

    Very nice packages

  25. hofmanzg (verified owner)

    This is big time saver! I still didn’t downlad all the parts, but so far ih has save me lot of time! They are all in perfect resolution so you can use it for all kinds of assigements. Love it!

  26. taraceboulba (verified owner)

    Qualité excellente ,j’aime beaucoup et cela va me permettre d’ajouter de très bels effets à mes photos, un grand merci
    et très bon classement

  27. Wight-Angel (verified owner)

    Love this package. Bought these cos I just love having an array of backgrounds etc. Would recommend these to anyone.

  28. Sabine (verified owner)

    This really could be useful for a lot of images. You can add the effect of motion, lights and colour in a very simple way to your pics to make them more eye-catching. But some overlays are to similar in their patterns and it seems, only the colour changes (example: Backgrounds / and or, and The high resolution makes it possible to use only parts of some overlays or to stretch or decrease them without noticeable loss in quality. For future overlays I would love to have some natural elements like fire, rain, snow, leaves, water, foam, bubbles etc. I always need all sorts of flames and smoke. Overlays really are time-savers if you need to brush up your pics quickly.

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