Amazing Artistic Photo FX Bundle

Bigger. Better. Another Photoshop FX Bundle

You loved the previous Photo FX bundle so much, that we got you another bigger and better one.

Create Amazing Artistic Photo FX with this unique and special Photoshop effects bundle. This deal gets you a great collection of 25 art effects.

What this Photoshop Effects bundle gets you:

20 Photoshop Actions:

  • 3D Shatter Photoshop Action CS5+
  • Broken Glass Photoshop Action CS5+
  • Burn Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Canvas Paint Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Dream Glass Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Dust Explosion Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Epic Grunge Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Glitch Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Liquify Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Mirror Light Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Mixed Art Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Mystery Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Newspaper Art Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Realistic Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Shatter Photoshop Action CS5+
  • Smoke Photoshop Action CS5+
  • Splatter Paint Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Vector Spatter Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Water Splash Photoshop Action CS3+
  • Watercolor Photoshop Action CS3+

5 Photoshop Templates:

  • Broken Glass Photoshop Template
  • Face Pieces Photoshop Template
  • Fresh Meat Photoshop Template
  • Grunge Photoshop Template
  • Statue Photoshop Template

Here’s a sneak peek into the bundle:

photoshop effects 1 photoshop effects 2 photoshop effects 3

A Video Explaining How To Edit Photoshop Templates:

Highlighting Features:

  • Files work in PSD
  • Layer organized files
  • High-quality design
  • Unlimited design results
  • Video tutorial included

The download file includes:

  • .atn file (Action)
  • .pat file (Pattern)
  • .abr file (Brush)
  • psd. file
  • HELP.txt
  • Tutorial Video
  • Tutorial Image


  • It is a tried and tested bundle that works on most English Photoshop versions including CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC2014, CC2015, CC2015,5, CC2017, CC2018, CC2019, CC2020.

Grab This Amazing Artistic Photo FX Bundle For Just $625 $29 Today!

Deal Terms:

  • This bundle is delivered as an instant download
  • You will get lifetime access to the bundle
  • Commercial licence included
  • You can use this bundle for the  unlimited number of projects
  • Unlimited End Products For Sale
  • You can not resell or redistribute thus bundle

18 reviews for Amazing Artistic Photo FX Bundle

  1. ron corwin (verified owner)

    I love taking my old and new photos and playing with the different actions. These are a lot of fun and once you figure out that you do really have to follow the directions just right they work like a charm. I would recommend these actions as they are so much fun to try different ones on each picture. I sometimes use the same photo on many different actions and see which I like best. I will buy from this seller again. Go Cowboys

  2. soclopv

    Very easy to use and good effects.
    It could be used in “The Gimp” also.

  3. Rene A (verified owner)

    Really enjoy the variety of actions and the effects they can produce on ones photos. It offers such a wide variety of effects you can utilize to create awesome photos. Highly recommend this package.

  4. carberrys (verified owner)

    Love this set. I just wish that the instructions were easier to read and download for some of the actions

  5. drgum8888 (verified owner)

    A fantastic pack which I’ve spent a lot of time exploring. My recommendation is: Please follow the instructions “PREPARATION, IMPORTANT !!” and “HOW TO USE THE ACTION” contained in each “HELP FILE.txt”.

  6. irhdesigns (verified owner)

    Great product!

  7. Albert Dauphinais (verified owner)

    I bought “The Amazing Artistic Photo FX Bundle” when it was $39.00. I thought it was a great deal then and at $29.00 its a steal.

  8. Albert Dauphinais (verified owner)

    I bought “The Amazing Artistic Photo FX Bundle” when it was $39.00. I thought it was a great deal then and at $29.00 its a steal. I like how there is videos and written instruction on how to your the bundle. They work great in the later versions of CC. I am having a great time creating lots of photo art and getting great feedback.

  9. maorb40 (verified owner)

    Amazing package
    I really liked it
    Highly recommended

  10. (verified owner)

    These are creative and are so much fun to use! My favorites are Statue and Burn.

  11. kkfortenberry (verified owner)

    The best actions have been Burn & Liquify . Working thru several more learning type of pictures to use them on.
    Need to follow the help comments. Using cc so have had a few issues.
    Actions are worth it

  12. djones27 (verified owner)

    Good quality and ease to use is good, ver simple to produce beautiful pieces of art.

  13. dubiau (verified owner)

    Super pack, un peu difficile à mettre en oeuvre au début mais, une fois en main, procure des résultats extraordinaires pour un prix tout à fait abordable. J’adore

  14. ladybillie (verified owner)

    A bit hard to get them to work correctly each time, but when you get the hang of it they are nice actions.

  15. Steve Maes (verified owner)

    The brushes and templates are Nice. Only the action does not work.

    • Prasada Pujari

      Hi there,

      The solution for your problem is as follows:
      1. “AJ Layer”
      Please pay attention to each instruction manual carefully,
      errors in how to use action and preparation will cause many warnings to arise and also fail to run the action.
      Please follow the instructions “PREPARATION, IMPORTANT !!” and “HOW TO USE THE ACTION” contained in each “HELP FILE.txt”.

      2. “AJ Brushes”
      This problem often occurs because the Photoshop program does not load completely the contents of the brush that will be loaded, it can be caused by a full brush box or PhotoShop program running slowly.
      to solve this problem you only need to delete all brushes that are in the brush box and then fill them with just the brush you want to use, always use this method every time you use the action with a new brush.

      Hope it can help you.

  16. natassa-athens

    Amazing pack! Some of the best actions I’ve ever bought! I love them! :)

  17. Markus

    But why they does not work with Adobe cc?

  18. Gowen18 (verified owner)

    Fantastic!! amazing price and amazing great presets which can take a lot of time, although if you know Photoshop well you won’t need to watch all of the tutorials as i found i got sidetracked, but once you get this hang of it, it will save you a lot of your own time doing this one by one :)


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