A huge set of 630 Top-Quality Vector Illustrations for Just $49 (98% off)

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We know how much you love vector illustrations and how useful they can be. We had lots of deals with illustrations from Vectorious.net, but this time things are a little bit different. It’s not just a huge collection of premium vector illustrations – it’s something more!

I’m talking about a wide variety containing 630 top-quality vector illustrations, divided into 19 categories such as: major holidays, summer, coffee & drinks, travel, wedding, eco & organic, sale slogans and many other! And if that’s not enough, you can easily edit them; add or remove elements, change colors, texts, cut, crop or anything that comes through your mind!

There are unlimited possibilities of using these illustrations; all you need is a little bit of creativity!

Here you will find some out of the world designs that will leave you wanting more. And thanks to the extended royalty license, you can use them in an unlimited number of commercial projects and even merchandise intended for mass distribution!

Just imagine how many great designs you will be able to create only with this amazing set of vector illustrations! And the 98% discount makes this deal a real bargain!

Bonus files:

Download a free sample containing 4 premium vector illustrations worth $16 and take them for a spin. Just click on the image below and follow the instructions to download the sample! download-a-free-sample1

Take a look at what you get:

30 Coffee Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


30 Drinks Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


30 Food Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


30 Eco & Organic Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


30 International Day of Peace Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


30 Summer Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


30 Back to School Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


30 Travel Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


40 Wedding Vector Illustrations worth $159.6


30 Father’s Day Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


30 Mother’s Day Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


40 Valentine’s Day Vector Illustrations worth $159.6


30 Easter Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


30 Independence Day Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


40 Halloween Vector Illustrations worth $159.6


30 Thanksgiving Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


60 Christmas Vector Illustrations worth $239.4


30 New Year Vector Illustrations worth $119.7


 30 Sales Slogans Vector Illustrations worth $119.7



Still not convinced? Download a free sample containing 4 premium vector illustrations worth $16 and take them for a spin. Just click on the image below and follow the instructions to download the sample! download-a-free-sample1



Don’t miss the chance to enrich your design library with this fantastic collection of top-quality vector illustrations. Get them now!

Deal Terms

‐ Files are delivered as an instant download (about 1.9 GB in 4 zip files)
– All these files are suitable for both Windows and Mac OS
– To use these files you need Adobe Illustrator CS3+, Adobe Photoshop CS3+ or any any other similar application which supports vector formats
– Files have an extended royalty-license and can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects
‐ Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.
– For unzipping packages: Stuffit Expaner 10+ (Mac) or WinZip 9+ (Windows)
– Vectorious License Agreement

4 reviews for A huge set of 630 Top-Quality Vector Illustrations for Just $49 (98% off)

  1. risingphpromo@aol.com

    What a complete and utter waste of my time and money! The majority of the designs will not even open in CorelDraw X4. Some of them I can get to open in FastArtist 1.5. (I am assuming these won’t open or take to long to open because there are too many objects) Even the ones that I can get to open are completely useless as NOTHING is grouped. Every single element in the design is a separate object, making editing virtually impossible. What good does any of this do me if I cannot edit it easily. I am better off just creating the designs myself! So, now I am saving the ones I can open in a different folder. The simpler designs open, the complex designs lock up my software, so this is going to take FOREVER. I am not a graphic artist. I purchased these to make my life easier, should have just set my money on fire!

  2. fonkmaster

    Unfortunately, not for the first time, most of the preview pictures are not loading properly – some of them are full visible, some half and some are not visible at all. Switching browser and computer changes nothing for me.
    This is very annoying and decrease possibility to make me interested.

  3. David

    Great sets guys! thanks.

  4. jonesallex@gmail.com

    This is an awesome set….yup

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