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This tremendous collection is the superstar of this year!

Over 4000 spectacular overlays from different categories will add the “design magic’ that you need in your future projects.

Transform each photo into a work of art by adding elements that will make the difference. You can find rose petals, sparkles, lights, confetti, pixie dust, hearts, watercolor and so much more.

Browse through these resources and make the most memorable combinations that will reflect all your designer power!

File Type: PNG. files, each 300dpi.

Software Requirements:

These resources are compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers.

This pack comes with the extended license included so you have everything at your disposal to make your designs the best.

Take a look at what you get:




Terms & License

This bundle is available as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
– All products are delivered with an Extended License. This means that the products can be used both commercially and for personal use for an unlimited number of times.
– You cannot resell or redistribute the products from this bundle.


Jef Pauwels

Graphic Designer Belgium -

– Very high quality
– Lots of variety, such as clouds, confetti, bokeh, light effects, paint, paper textures, …
– All images that need to be transparant are transparent (light effects are on a black background, but that’s OK)
– Good value
– It takes some effort to sort through all of the images (because there are so many of them)
– Some of the fractal line style images are a bit redundant
– Not very beginner friendly? (judging from the other comments) Only buy this if you know how to use photoshop, png files, and zip files.

MN Shakoor

Press photographer / photojournalist United States -

I have not purchased this product as of yet but have purchased other similar. I am a rating them 5 stars because this is an EXCELLENT deal and the simple fact they are offering this deal warrants a good rating to cancel out the bad ratings left by others who simply do not know how to handle file formats other than jpeg which is obvious from the comments left.

Dawn Benedict

Dawn Benedict Phitigraphy United States -

I just purchased this bundle and am in the process of downloading them. For those of you complaining about the files being bunched together, you can organize them into categories, colors, or whatever file system you have, but for the price you need to stop complaining and put forth the effort for your own use!

José Cochelo

Fotógrafo Argentina -

Hola, me gústan las superposiciones y las posibilidades que ofrece. Gracias . Jos Nic


United Kingdom -

My only annoyance is that the offer has now changed to over 4000 overlays instead of what I got this morning of 2100 overlays, feel a bit deflated that the offer changed for the better so soon.


    Inky staff -

    2500 Overlays and 4000 Overlays are two different bundles. They were not changed.


United Kingdom -

Amazing price, so far so good, I have no issue opening all files with windows 10, some real stunning overlays.

Miranda Mchenry

United States -

These are absolutely stunning and magical! You can have so much fun with these overlays! I am thrilled that I have bumped into this ad on facebook and purchased them all. A worthy investment for every creative pro out there.

Veronica Lewis

slideshow United States -

are these all transparent? i do not have photoshop.

Snowblower (UK)

Photographer United Kingdom -

Good selection of quality overlays. Could do to be better organised/presented to aid selection. Purchase options could do to be better categorised for specific applications rather than all bunched together. ie able to select more of the wanted options rather than a load of stuff you’ll never use. Having said that, I guess I can always discard those I won’t use and organise the ones I will. Interested to see future offerings

Karen Gray

Professional Photographer United Kingdom -

I’m a professional photographer and have been in business now for 8 years. I ran a studio for 5 years but in January 2017 I went mobile. I LOVE LOVE these overlays they are amazing and have completely changed my style of outdoor family photography. They add that extra ‘wow’ to a image when used correctly. I haven’t purchased this set as yet but I use all the other ones Inky Deals have on sale


    Inky staff -

    Thank you for the feedback! We are happy to know that you enjoy our products!

J. Richard

Owner/Photographer United States -

To all of these imbecile amateurs on here complaining that they can’t preview PNGs, maybe, just maybe it’s NOT the files, but possibly YOUR lack of understand of how the whole process works with photographic editing. Maybe, just maybe you don’t have the right software or know-how to use the files. Stop leaving ONE star ratings because of your ignorance. That’s absolutely not fair to this company. I for one have no problem using the product. So if anyone is reading this review prior to making a purchase, do yourself a favor and ignore those one-star ratings. They are a waste of space.

Steve Ellison

United Kingdom -

Your facebook ad shows a camera with the lens hood fitted incorrectly. Not a good start!
You insist on me giving the product a rating when it says only do so if I bought the product. Very amateurish.

Diana Bisnette

Photographer United States -

Same problem. I can’t preview any images so it makes it really hard to work with and very time consuming. And pretty much non of the PNG files are able to open….. Not mentioning I got double charged for this bundle…. Honestly I just want to cancel it…. I’ll see if I can….


    Inky staff -

    Hi Diana,

    We’re sorry to hear you have problems with your order. I have refunded you the double order, your money should be back in your account in a few days. In regards to the png issue, do you get any errors?

    Thank you,


pres United States -

I can’t preview any of the DNG files with Win10 so impossible to preview so I cant figure out what is what


    Inky staff -

    Hi Bill,

    We’re sorry to hear you have problems with the product. Can you please tell me if you get any errors while trying to open the PNG previews?

    Thank you,

Dave Sinclair

CEO United Kingdom -

I use several overlays whilst working on my images to enhance them and have to honestly say WOW what an awesome package. I am really happy with my purchase and have only had time to unzip 6 of the 10 zipped folders so far. If you use overlays get this awesome package as you get so many for the price InkyDeals are asking. Highly recommended


    Inky staff -

    Thaaaank you, Dave! We enjoy reading all of these reviews, and we appreciate everyone who is taking time to write us feedback!

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