What do people say about us?

“They are so good I have registered to become an affiliate as I want to promote them on my website. I don’t know how one can get such a reduction in price!”
Davina Brawn – Co-founder of Useful Graphic Design Tutorials

“There’s a very good variety of deals. Inky’s customer service,however, rocks!”
Kristin Schill – Freelance Graphic Designer/Homemaker

“Brilliant!!! Simple and very basic (in a good way) No playing around but advertises the current deals and lets you get on with it with no rubbish and no hassle. You guys do an awesome job,keep up the good work and keep smiling!”
Lewis Jones – Graphic artist/Sign developer

“It´s a good graphic design WEB, with very good prices and offering continuously new products. I think you have done a very good job, and you have given us new possibilities in our business.”
Carlos Sepulveda – MBA

“It is well laid out and gives you the newest deal right on the homepage. Keep up the good work!”
Danielle Lutz – Graphic artist/Sign developer

“They are most excellent and so helpful. Time saver for researching products and tools that I need to use on a weekly basis.Thanks for your great service and helpful website. As a graphic & web designer, opening your emails are a great relief and surprise on a daily basis. I always look forward to the next great deal and how you outdo yourselves every time.”
Candy L – Graphic Designer

“I love them — it’s a way to get resources that I can be sure is legit, and it’s brought to my attention designers I’d never heard of. Not to mention resources I didn’t know I needed until they were presented. Thanks for existing. I’ve downloaded tons of content from the internet, only to find out later that it was pirated/not commercially licensed/assumed it was free, etc. This allows me to build my library and not break the bank, because let’s face it — we’re not getting paid a whole heck of a lot these days ourselves. I certainly don’t buy every deal, but I check here constantly to see what’s new and inspiring.!”
Lillian Laird – Owner of an Independent Print Shop

“It is an excellent source of material with high quality resourcesand quite inspirational too!”
Ajith Kumar – Business Analyst

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