The Vector Clip Art Mega Pack with 950+ Elements - Only $19

Stock up now on a huge collection of brand-new vector clip art elements! You’ll receive over 950 elements that cover dozens of categories: from holidays to decorations to travel and everything in between! But don’t take our word for it, check out the previews below and see it for yourself!

Add this bundle to your creative toolbox and let it work its magic for you. You’ll get more done in a faster and easier way! Plus, due to the great variety it offers, you’ll now be able tackle different types of projects.

All these resources come with an extended license, allowing you to use them in an unlimited number of personal and commercial purposes, and even in merchandise!

Usually you would pay $855 for this mega pack, but for a limited time only you can grab it at the incredible price of only $19! That’s a whopping 98% off the regular price!

Take a look at what you get:

3-vectorstock-Autumn-2 4-vectorstock-autumn

2-vectorstock-arrows5-vectorstock-baby-shower 6-vectorstock-bakery 7-vectorstock-barber-shop 8-vectorstock-beverages 9-vectorstock-birds 10-vectorstock-branches 11-vectorstock-Bugs-2 12-vectorstock-bugs-(3) 13-vectorstock-bugs 14-vectorstock-buildings 15-vectorstock-butterflies 16-vectorstock-coffee 17-vectorstock-comic-book-bubbles 18-vectorstock-decorations-2

1-vectorstock-arrows-219-vectorstock-decorations 20-vectorstock-desserts 21-vectorstock-domestic_birds 22-vectorstock-easter 23-vectorstock-ecology 24-vectorstock-farm_seeds


46-vectorstock-nautical 26-vectorstock-feathers 27-vectorstock-flowers 28-vectorstock-forest_elements 29-vectorstock-forest-builder 30-vectorstock-frame-decorations 31-vectorstock-frames 32-vectorstock-fruits-2 33-vectorstock-fruits 34-vectorstock-gardening-2 35-vectorstock-gardening 36-vectorstock-halloween 37-vectorstock-hiking_camping 38-vectorstock-hikinig_and_camping 39-vectorstock-hipster 40-vectorstock-horns-antlers 41-vectorstock-laurels 42-vectorstock-leaves-2 43-vectorstock-leaves 44-vectorstock-marine-life 45-vectorstock-meadieval_weapons

47-vectorstock-photography 48-vectorstock-ribbons 49-vectorstock-royalty 50-vectorstock-small-flowers-alphabet 51-vectorstock-Summer-2 52-vectorstock-summer 53-vectorstock-travel-2 54-vectorstock-Travel 55-vectorstock-trees 56-vectorstock-valentine's_day 57-vectorstock-winter_and_winter_holidays

So, what are you waiting for? Get this deal before it’s gone!


1 review for The Vector Clip Art Mega Pack with 950+ Elements – Only $19

  1. (verified owner)

    A lot of great stuff to love here! Versitle and very easy to work with. Worth every penny. Thanks Inky.

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