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Don’t lose precious time by creating your own design resources.
Each day you spend creating them is a day you could use to take more design projects and make a name for yourself in the design community.
Download these 400+ design resources with commercial use licence and save months of unnecessary work.


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Inky’s prepared detailed previews of all the products so you can get a better idea of the level of awesomeness involved. Click on the images for a full preview of each set:


Premium Grunge Brushes from Design TNT


Premium Vectors from Design TNT


Tileable Paper Textures from Design TNT


45 OpenType Fonts from 128Bit Technologies


Subtle Patterns Set from Design TNT


Retro Classic Photoshop Badges from Design TNT


Monochrome Glyph Set from


Web Buttons Set from Design TNT


3D Screen Presentation Photoshop Actions from Design TNT


Elegant Photoshop Styles from Design TNT


Photo Frames Mock-up Set from Design TNT


Damask Floral Seamless Patterns from Designious


Wood Textures from Design TNT


Download Buttons from Design TNT


Pixel Perfect Social Media Icons from Design TNT


Pocket Folder Mock-ups Set from Company Folders


PSD Price Tags from Design TNT


Transparent UI Set from Vandelay Premier


 Flat UI Set from Freepik


Modern Touch UI Kit from PixelKit


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  1. Thank you so mich for this free design bundle. The Photoshop files are fully layered. Great!

  2. nothing happens after i submit my email, tried it many times, it just wont download

    • check your inbox to download

    • The link sent through email doesnt work for me either, just takes me to a page showing me another deal worth 79 dollars!!!

  3. Guys, after submitting your email address, please check your inbox. You should receive the download link for the bundle in a couple of minutes.


  4. Hi,
    I got the download link , but it says “Access denied”. Any solutions?

  5. Please enter your email again to receive the new download link.

  6. Hello.. thank-you for the download.. much appreciated.
    I have a few questions though.. how do I use this pkg. & where do I open the files to or is it a program with elements?
    When I downloaded my files to my Adobe Photoshop C52 files in which is in my download files, I clicked on the file for the pkg to unzipped to my photoshop files in downloads, but Adobe Photoshop opened but nothing else happened.. no sign of the files from this pkg.

    I have no idea on this one.. please help.. Vacinity

    • The .pkg format is for the fonts included in this bundle. It is used by Mac owners. If you want to use these fonts but have a PC, these fonts are also available in OpenType format.


  7. Hi,

    thanks for this bundle. Is it free for commercial use?

    Best regards

    • Hi Hansen,

      Most of the resources have a commercial use license. But to be sure, you should better take a look at the license agreements which you’ll find among the files in this bundle.

      Best Regards,

  8. Thank you so much

  9. Wow ! Great bundle, i cant believe its free- Thanx!

  10. Excellent resources, thank you very much! I have subscribed and look forward to more free bundles :)

  11. Nice! But I can’t understand how I could I get the free monthly access the HTML course..

  12. Is this for Mac users only?

    • No, this bundle is suitable for both Mac and Windows OS.

  13. Download link in email won’t work…

    • Hi Jerome,

      I’ve sent you a new download link to your email address.

      Sincerely yours,

  14. Thanks for this. I tried this 4 times since yesterday and I’m still not getting the email link….. Any other suggestions?

    • Hi Annie,

      I’ve sent you via email a new download link for this bundle.


  15. nice…………………

  16. thank you, man!

  17. Unfortunately, i don’t receive a “download” email for this free bundle. Only receive download emails for payed bundles (same email is used). Please advise

    • With another email address, the mail with download link was received. Thnx

  18. Download link in email won’t work…

    • Hi there,

      I’ve double checked the download link and they are working fine. Sometimes the email providers can cause problems. Please try again with another email address.

      Sincerely yours,

  19. This link not working.Other stuffs are great.

  20. The link sent through email doesnt work for me either, just takes me to a page showing me another deal worth 79 dollars!!!

  21. Hi, I too am having problems downloading the free file. I’ve tried many times, putting in my email and nothing shows up?
    Looks like a great package. Would really like to have it, any way you ca send me a link too?

  22. Appreciate it a lot. Thank you so much :)

  23. I have given them my email.
    However, until now I have not received left for all the downloads I clicked.
    greats form germany

  24. Halloooo? Deal for Free…
    You have my Email Adress!
    471 Premium Design Resources for Free
    Send me pls Download link

    • Hi there,

      I’ve double checked all the download links and they all work fine. The download link is delivered in less than 5 minutes. I’ve tried to send it to you manually to your email address, but your provider blocked it.

      So the problem is in your email provider which blocks all the incoming emails.

      You could try with another email address or solve the issue with your provider.

      Best Regards,

  25. Hi Dan
    Sry for my bad Provider
    You can send all DL-links on this email?
    Thank you
    Best Regards

    • I’ve sent the download link to your new email address.


  26. Hi, I unfortunatly have the same problem as a lot of people. I do receive the link in my mailbox but there is no download when I open the link. Just a thank you message and a link to another deal…

  27. Submitted email.. still haven’t received the DL link. Any ideas?

    • Please check your email address. I sent you a download link for the bundle.


  28. Many times repeated… I’ve submitted my email, but download link provided just thanks me for downloading which has never happened… Could you send me a new download link as well? Thanks!

    • Please check your email address. I’ve sent you a direct download link for the bundle.


  29. Question: What is the licensing on these downloads? Can they be used commercially?

  30. pls send me download link. thanks

  31. Great pack but are these royalty free?

  32. Looks amazing, but wrong link is emailed. (tried a few times… ) Please can you email to me? Thanks much!

  33. Hi ! I’d like to try this stuff too but, like some other people, the link doesn’t work (404)… I tried several times with two different email adresses… Thanks for your help !

  34. Wow. This is the best deal I’ve ever seen… Great job. Kudos.

  35. Can I use this package only with Photoshop?

  36. I have just discovered this site… your offers seem almost to good to be true! Anyway, thank you so much – this is a big score.

    • too*

  37. Just a quick question – how do I access the HTML and CSS course?

  38. Webmansa is “web eul man deu neun sa ram deul”

  39. Is this bundle free for commercial use?
    Amazing resources!

    • Yes, most of the resources are free for commercial use. Each freebie from this bundle comes with a license agreement in case you want to know more.

  40. I typed in my email many times, and nothing came to my inbox. I tried using another email address and no go. Can you help me please?

    • Hi Laura,

      Please check your email. I’ve manually sent you the download links for this and the Mock-ups Freebie

  41. I typed in my email many times, and nothing came to my inbox. I tried using another email address and no go. Can you help me please?

    ↑me too. Please help me.

    • If you’re still having problems downloading this freebie, please drop us an email at and we’ll solve this issue as fast as possible.

      Sincerely yours,

  42. Thanks for this. I tried this 2 times since morning and I’m still not getting the email link….. Any other suggestions?

  43. Hello,

    Thank you a lot for this Resources, but I sent my email several times, and did not recieved link for download. I check also spam box but nothing.

    Can you help ?

    Thank you,

  44. Thank you very much, email recieved and download ok.


  45. Hi, dl link doesnt work, can u send me a workin one :) thx

  46. I gave it 5 stars…assuming I can get the download. The download failed in the last five minutes and now I have to start it over. I’m scared the deal will expire before it completes and I won’t get the bundle at all. :( help?

    • nevermind! got it sorted!

  47. Hi guys, I´ve just received the email with the link. There´s problem with downloading. The download speed start very well but after a few second it drops down to 3-7kb/s. I can´t download it. Any solution? Thanks

  48. Guys, I’ve downloaded this for the business folder templates, but they are not editable things in photoshop, just pictures of a model. Any idea where can I get the actual templates, so I can make a folder on my own?

  49. Many thanks!

  50. It’s dangerous.. jajaja..

  51. I clicked this link while it was still active, and it sent me an email to download the 471 Free Design Resources… but when I clicked the link, it downloaded 100 Free Vintage Vectors?

  52. Email recieved and download ok. Thank you so much!

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