Inkspiration Bundle: $4,000+ worth of Graphic & Web Design Resources & Bonus - From $69 $34

We’ve been building great bundles for you for quite some time now, and we’ve learned a lot. But now it’s time to take it to the next level!

This new bundle has been built to immediately feel that every penny spent will be put to good use. More than that, it has more variety than ever, and you’re now able to apply all the resources in it to a wider range of projects, including – but not limited to- presentations, trailers, animations, prints and web, photography, videography, typography, t-shirt designs… you name it!

Each resource has been pre-processed, so that you can use it immediately and effectively, with top quality results. To boost your creativity even more, we’ve merged each category with itself. Now you just open that up and get results within 5 minutes! How fast is that?

As usual, all resources come with an extended license, allowing you to use them in unlimited personal and commercial projects. And, in case you are not satisfied with what you purchased, we also offer a 200% money-back guarantee! This means you get your money back -no questions asked- AND keep the files as well.

Can’t get enough of amazing resources?

For an extra $20 $10, you can also get Inky’s exclusive huge collection of Photoshop and Illustrator Addons, worth $826. You can check out what’s in this collection here.

Now, let’s get back to our bundle. Here it goes:











198 Fully Editable Typography Presets

Okay. So what, you ask?

Well, this is a special kind of typography, because the text is 100% editable. Yep, that’s right, fully editable. But you’d also need the fonts used to make use of them, right? Ha! We’ve got that covered, as well.
All the fonts used for the typography designs are included in this bundle! Simply install the fonts and start using them immediately.

But.. but… I only work with Photoshop and all the typography is made with Illustrator. How do I use them now?

Again, we’ve got you covered! All the typography designs are converted as layered .PSD files with… wait for it… wait for it… scalable properties! That’s right. Raster file with infinitely scalable property. How cool is that?


Vector Clip Art

To put it bluntly, there’s a sh**tload of resources here. Just open the vector file and use them, all of them, immediately. Decorations, flowers, frames, swirls, ribbons, banners, borders, arrows… whatever you need, just get it from one file.

Seriously, this will always be your go-to resource when you’re getting some project done. And the only time it will become obsolete is when you get bored of it. Surprisingly, we’ve got you covered (again!). Come back later next month and check out the new stuff.


21 After Effects Animations

We admit it, After Effects is hard. Like, really hard.

That’s why we came up with a simple solution to a complicated problem: the templates here are simplified to the point where you just replace the text with your own, and the animations are applied automatically on it. Easy Peasy.


350 Vector Illustrations

Sometimes it can be tedious and time-consuming to create illustrations yourself, especially when your work is completely unrelated to them, because you’re using them either as a presentation, or you’re a print specialist.

That is why we’ve taken the liberty to do that for you, and included a bountiful set of 350 illustrations for you to use. How long would it take you to create the same amount, or how much would it cost if you’d buy them either as a subscription or individually?

And you get them for a fraction of that price, along with a lot more resources. How much bang for the buck do you want? It’s dirt cheap!




30 Lightroom Presets

There are thirty presets here just waiting to be used. And each and every one of them is one click away from a result. What’s really really great about Lightroom is that it lets you see the effects in all their glory even before you apply it on your photos.

20 Photoshop Actions

You’ve most likely bought Actions before, and what’s really nagging about them is that you have to wait every damn time, just to see how the effect looks like. If you don’t like it, you’d reverse it, then run another action, and wait for it to run its course. Well not anymore!

Now, every set of Photoshop Actions contains a Run-Them-All option. This means it will run all the effects at once, and you simply pick the one you like. Just like you’d do with Lightroom.


5 Pro Fonts with Special Characters

This is the bread and butter any designer should have and use at his/her/their discretion, constantly. Aren’t you tired of looking either for free fonts online, or spend hundreds of dollars on them, then spend time and effort combining them into a beautiful design?

Remember the typography designs? How annoying would it be to download 20 fonts from 20 different websites, just so you can be able to edit the texts within? It would take more time to download the fonts that it would to do the actual work! Not cool.

But now you can quickly install them from this folder, and use them, immediately!






28 High-Res Texture Overlays

This set is the cherry on top of your cake: it makes the designs a bit grungy and slightly scratched. Ergo, move believable. Is your design done? Just brush it up quickly with a soft grunge! Place the texture over it, set it on Screen, et voila! Done. Easy as pie.


50 High-Res Stock Photos

We both know at some point you’ve looked up for free photos online to save a few bucks, but let’s face it: you’ve leveled up since then, and now the quality of those photos just doesn’t do it for you anymore. That is why we’ve made a bundle with some hi-res, unprocessed photos.

Wait, why unprocessed, you ask?

Ha. What do you think the Lightroom presets and Photoshop actions are for? From a single image you’ll get tens more, in less than a minute. It’s compact, intelligent, and yields astonishing results. What more could you ask?

20 Stock Footage

For you, After Effects aficionados, we’ve also included short stock videos with light processing. What to do with them? Presentations, of course. Or kinetic typography, or animated doodle overlays. Or Short clips. Or take screenshots and use them as stock photos. It’s a treasure in here!



Bonus: 3 Multipurpose Navigation Styles from DevelopGo

fifty Circle Navigation Menu

Animated half circle fixed navigation menu that can be used in various formats.

Details | Live Demo



css3 Frantic Menu

Css3 frantic menu is a clean, elegant menu designed for personal and portfolio sites.

Details | Live Demo



css Wizard Steps

Progress steps indicator is useful when you want to guide the user when performing various actions.

Details | Live Demo




So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this amazing deal now!


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