iDocument 2 for Mac: A Simple & Efficient Document Manager – Only $25

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Efficient Document Manager: I don’t know about you, but when it comes to finding something I saved more than a couple of days ago – I can consider it lost. I have a lot of different documents in my phone, on Cloud, external drives, laptop, and so on. I’m sure you have the same issue: you forget where you put a certain document and can’t find it even if you checked and double checked each folder you can think of.

Well, this is where iDocument comes in. With it you will be able to manage all your documents if they are located in your Mac, NAS driver, on the external ISB driver, and even Cloud services like Dropbox, Drive, etc. And it will not copy or move your original documents!

Efficient Document Manager’s Main Features:

– SafeBox: Hide your private documents with password locker.

– Focus: A section you could quickly access to your target documents with auto classifications.

– Index: Index documents allow you to import documents without moving or copying them.

– Exporting: You’re now being able to export 1:1 folder structures directly from iDocument to finder.

– Sharing: Share documents with your workmates, classmate or others by variety different channels.

– Formats: To make iDocument more practical, we added more supported formats in the program.

– Gestures: Multi touch gestures provide you more convenience to manage or browse documents.

– Full Screen: This feature let you take full advantages of the bright large Mac display to see more.

– Mavericks 10.9: Fully tested in latest Mac OS. iDocument is running steady & stable in the Mavericks.

Here’s a short video showing you how iDocument works:

Efficient Document Manager

As seen on:


Efficient Document Manager: This app will save you a lot of precious time which otherwise would be wasted on searching for a certain document. And now you can save some money along the way, because for a limited time you can get this app for just $25 instead of its usual price of $49.99!

Deal Terms

– After the purchase, you will receive a license key and step-by-step instruction on how to download iDocument.
– Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.

1 review for iDocument 2 for Mac: A Simple & Efficient Document Manager – Only $25

  1. Josh

    A really great, easy to use app, thank you!

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