Free eBook Part 2: Earn More, How to Attract Customers, Client Types & More

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Last week when we launched the first part of our free eBook, we were hoping that it will be successful, but your response exceeded our expectations.

In just a couple of days we had over 5,000 downloads and people are still downloading it!

That’s why today we came up with Part 2 of the eBook that will tell you about various aspects from the life of designers, web developers and freelancers. It’s a bit more technical than the first part, but there’s a lot more high-quality info!


Here’s what’s in this eBook:

6. Freelance Tips: How to Price so You Earn More

7. Client Types & How to Work with Them

8. How a Good Logo Will Bring Potential Customers to Your Business

9. Designing Your Business Card: Make the Most Out of the Smallest Spaces

10. How to Attract Customers to Your Web Design Business

11. Valuable Tips to Convert Your Website Visitors into Buyers

12. Finish What You Started – Strategies to Help You Reach the Finish Line


You can simply download and read it whenever and wherever you want! I hope you’ll enjoy this and that will help you in your career.

Alsoplease let us know what you think in the comment section. Is there anything we mentioned here that resonates with you? And do you have any ideas for any future eBook?


10 reviews for Free eBook Part 2: Earn More, How to Attract Customers, Client Types & More

  1. Bee

    Very helpful tips included – appreciate the time put into getting this together.




    Free-eBook-InkyDeals-Part2.pdf 1.59 Mb

    Free-eBook-InkyDeals-Part1.pdf 1,82 Mb

    It was able to examine in download manager, but the links can not figure out, help! make correct links for all to download!


    After all, the download link is guided not by works !!!
    You do drop in here, on the pages of your site and read our comments ??

    • Dan

      Sorry about that. We do read your comments and try to help everyone, but we have a limited support on weekends.

      We’re working on this issue with the download links and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

      Sincerely yours,


    listen to this! you have all the files downloaded for free at this location. Why do you have with these two guidelines address for downloading turned out otherwise? Where to see your system administrator or yourself?

  6. Sergey

    The download doesn’t work !!


    The download doesn’t work

  8. Nikon

    The download doesn’t work

  9. Oscar

    Really useful information, I’been waiting for this second release, thanks a lot for sharing it
    Keep it up!

  10. Max Williams

    Interesting and useful content, however both books were full of spelling and grammatical mistakes together with inconsistent font sizes. Just because it is a free ebook doesn’t mean that you have to reduce the quality of your product. Perhaps the author should take a leaf out of the book and polish up the product with a bit of proofreading.

    • Dan

      Hi Max,

      Usually our freebies are premium quality and we don’t even think about reducing their quality.

      And thank you for the heads up. I tried to proofread as much as possible, but probably I didn’t notice some mistakes. Same thing goes for the fonts.

      Next time we’ll be more careful with these details.


    • Max Williams

      No worries Dan. Proofreading is a skill in itself and not everyone can do it. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I am a freelance technical writer and can pick up stuff like this at a glance. Maybe I should get a life :-)

    • Dan

      Yeah, I agree. Proofreading isn’t easy. But we’ll try to get our stuff together and create ebooks with better content (and without errors).


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