9-In-1 Creative Graphics Bundle

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An Ultimate Collection Of  2000+ Design Elements

It’s time to create your next masterpiece!

We have searched around the globe and brought you this huge 9-In-1 Creative Graphics Bundle.

This bundle is a collection of 9 super awesome and versatile design bundles that you will simply fall in love with. This creative bundle is packed with various design elements such as Illustrations, Watercolors, Textures, Patterns, Pre-Made Cards, vector images and much more!

This Creative Graphics Bundle is perfect for any type of design projects such as branding materials, magazines, greeting cards, quotes, logos, posters, websites and much more!

What’s even greater is This Creative Designs Bundle comes with an Extended Use License which means you can use these design resources for unlimited personal and commercial projects.

9 Collections Included In This Creative Graphics Bundle:

  • Delicate Watercolor Florals
  • Cute Vector and Watercolor Graphics
  • Watercolor Floral Collection
  • Spring and Bicycle Watercolors
  • Sweet Dreams, Funny Illustrations and Alphabet
  • Magic Winter Watercolors
  • Cute Holiday Collection
  • Funny Animals Kit
  • Cute Halloween Collection

Here’s a detailed look into the bundle:

Delicate Watercolor Florals

Do you love flowers? This collection is packed with flowers, bouquets, wreaths, DIY, textures, seamless patterns, pre-made cards and much more!
What’s included:
  • DIY floral elements (52 PNG)
  • Bouquets (16 PNG)
  • Wreaths (5 PNG)
  • Geometrical figures (17 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 Eps 10)
  • Seamless patterns (6 PNG, 6 JPEGs)
  • Texture (15 PNG)
  • Pre-made cards (10 JPEGs, 1 PSD)

Cute Vector and Watercolor graphics

This is a hand drawn collection creative graphics such as funny foxes, birds, houses, watercolor textures, variations, and different scenes, wreaths, seamless patterns, pre-made cards.
What’s included:
  • DIY foxes and birds (smooth&textured): 52 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • DIY floral elements: 74 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • DIY old town elements (smooth&textured): 50 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Wreaths: 13 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Seamless Patterns: 21 PNG, 38 JPEG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Non-seamless Patterns: 21 PNG, 38 JPEG
  • Pre-made cards (smooth&textured): 20 JPEG, 5 Ai, 5 EPS, 2 PSD
  • Simple cards (textured): 20 JPEG, 20 PNG, 1 PSD
  • Watercolor textures: 17 PNG

Watercolor Floral Collection

When we love flowers, no matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter. These elements can be used at any time of the year!
You get flowers, floral arrangement, wreaths, DIY, textures, backgrounds in this collection.
What’s included:
  • DIY (bird, vase, flowers, branches, leaves, stems, buds etc.) (94 PNG)
  • Bouquets with Watercolor backgrounds (3 PNG, 10 JPEGs)
  • Floral arrangements (8 PNG)
  • Floristic compositions-Bouquets (8 PNG)
  • Just Roses (7 PNG)
  • Bird on a tree variations (3 PNG)
  • Wreaths (8 PNG)
  • Flowers with wooden frames (10 PNG)
  • Non-seamless patterns (7 PNG, 10 JPEGs)
  • Seamless patterns (7 PNG, 10 JPEGs)
  • Texture (6 PNG, 2 JPEGs)
  • Watercolor backgrounds (6 PNG, 5 JPEGs)

Spring and Bicycle Watercolors

This graphic set contains flowers, bicycle, wreaths, bouquets, seamless patterns, DIY and more! That too in a high-resolution dpi!
What’s included:
  • 10 bicycles – which includes bicycle variations and different combinations (PNG)
  • 2 flower baskets for bicycle (PNG)
  • 2 yellow bouquets (PNG)
  • 28 DIY elements – flowers, floral elements, houses (PNG)
  • 6 lilac PNG
  • 5 wreaths PNG
  • 1 paper texture
  • 6 pre-made backgrounds (4 PNG + 2 JPEG)
  • 4 pre-made backgrounds (PSD) PSD files link included in a pdf-file
  • 4 seamless patterns (PNG)
  • 15 watercolor splash and shapes files (PNG)

Sweet Dreams. Funny Illustrations and Alphabet

These images are born in dreams and torn out of it. These images give a warm feeling in your spirit, give you happiness and bring light into your life.
With hand drawn elements, alphabets, funny characters, animals, variations and different scenes, seamless patterns, textures, pre-made backgrounds etc. you won’t feel limited to create awesome designs:
What’s included:
  • Elements: 170 PNG, 2 Ai, 2 EPS
  • Alphabet: 5 variations, each variation includes 36 PNG, Ai, and EPS format
  • Cards: 14 PNG, 14 JPEG, 10 Ai, 10 EPS
  • Girl: 12 PNG, 12 JPEG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Man and Sheep: 39 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Magic World: 17 PNG, 2 JPEG, 6 Ai, 6 EPS
  • Lettering Design: 23 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Seamless Patterns: 43 PNG, 36 JPEG, 3 Ai, 3 EPS
  • Paper Textures: 5 JPEG
  • Funny Theatre: 1 PSD, 1 Ai, 1 EPS, 33 PNG

Magic Winter Watercolors

A feel of a classic and slightly vintage collection. These winter watercolors, cute characters, christmas images, floral arrangement, wreaths, DIY, textures, and backgrounds are suitable for any kind of design project!
What’s included:
  • DIY (characters, branches, leaves, stems, holiday items etc.) (94 PNG)
  • Decorations (5 PNG)
  • Seamless patterns (11 JPEG, 4 PNG)
  • Non-seamless patterns (11 JPEG, 4 PNG)
  • Postcards (22 JPEG, 11 PSD) PSD files link included in a pdf-file
  • Square backgrounds (4 PNG, 5 PSD, 6 JPEG, ) PSD files link included in a pdf-file
  • Wreaths and other arrangements (25 PNG)
  • Textures (2 PNG, 7 JPEG)

Cute Holiday Collection. Bunnies

This is a versatile graphics set. It’s perfect for valentine’s day, easter, mother’s day, birthday or any kind of holiday or events and for your own designs.
What’s included:
  • DIY elements: 95 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • DIY FLoral elements: 152 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Cards: 26 JPEG, 13 Ai, 13 EPS
  • Floral arrangements: 37 PNG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Seamless Patterns: 21 PNG, 29 JPEG, 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Non-seamless Patterns: 21 PNG, 29 JPEG

Funny Animals Kit

This funny animals and hand-drawn creative graphics give a funny and artistic look to your designs. With all the files in high-resolution, you can create a great artwork out of it.
What’s included:
  • Bouquets (3 PNG)
  • Characters elements (95 PNG)
  • Characters variations (19 PNG)
  • Floral frames (3 PNG, 3 JPEG)
  • Seamless patterns (4 PNG, 4 JPEG)
  • Non-seamless patterns (4 PNG, 4 JPEG)
  • Papers (4 JPEG)
  • Two cute scenes (2 PNG, 2 JPEG, 2 PSD)

Cute Halloween Collection

Ready for Halloween? Then this collection is perfect for you. You will receive a hand drawn cute witches, Halloween elements, variations and different scenes, pre-made cards, night backgrounds in this collection.
What’s included:
  • DIY : 248 PNG, 4 Ai, 4 Eps
  • Blue backgrounds: 4 JPEG (330 x 330 mm), 1 Ai, 1 EPS
  • Pre-made cards: 20 JPEG (330 x 330 mm), 11 PNG (330 x 330 mm), 1 Ai, 1 Eps

Grab This 9-In-1 Creative Graphics Bundle For Just $200 $24 Today!

Deal Terms:

  • This bundle is available as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • Images can be used for both personal and commercial purposes with Unlimited numbers of Projects.
  • You cannot use the graphic as-is in creating End Products for sale. The graphic has to be combined with other graphic (font) elements to create a significantly new design. End products must not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with the original item you purchased.
  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own. You cannot share these resources with others.
  • You will get lifetime access to the bundle.

1 review for 9-In-1 Creative Graphics Bundle

  1. K L (verified owner)

    I’ve used a couple of the packs included in this bundle and the quality was amazing. Very versatile and the pre-done cards included were very cute!

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