The Colossal Bundle: 21,000+ Design Resources (worth $34,000)

Endless Library Of 21,000+ Graphic Design Resources!

They say that with great resources comes great power. Tell us, how many outstanding art pieces would you be able to create with an endless library of 21,000+ graphic design resources?

This Colossal Bundle gives you the chance to let your creativity run wild. You heard it, right? The keyword is ”limitless”! This means that you no longer have to limit yourself to several options, you now have more than 20,000 resources to choose from whenever you want to create a design.

This Colossal Bundle with 21,000+ Design Resources has got you covered no matter the project! Fonts, vectors, textures, backgrounds, brushes, print templates, t-shirt designs, tutorials are just some of the goodies that await.

Before I forget! The bundle comes with an extended commercial license, giving you the freedom to use the resources for as long as you want, for both personal and professional purposes.

The Colossal Bundle is more than just a bundle. It’s the gate to great design.

21,000 Graphic Design Resources Included In This Bundle:

Let’s Explore These 21,000+ Graphic Design Resources:

865 Premium Vector Packs worth $11,970
2,425 Vector Illustrations worth $9,700
500 Backgrounds across 14 distinct categories worth $1210​
142 Brushes Packs worth $1,611
153 Photoshop & Illustrator Addons worth 1,636
120 T-shirt Designs worth $1,800
146 High-Res Texture Packs worth $1,879
17 Premium Fonts worth $125
21 Premium Tutorials worth $272
118 Web & Print Resources Packs worth $1,325
1,568 Unreleased Vectors from Designious worth $2,700
1000 Dreamy Wedding Overlays worth $299

Graphic Design Resources worth $34,000 can be yours for just $49! 😱


Deal Terms:

  • This bundle is available as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The Bundle can be used for personal and commercial purposes with unlimited numbers of projects.
  • End products must not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with the original item you purchased.
  • It cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own. You cannot share these resources with others.
  • You will get lifetime access to the bundle.
  • This deal comes with an extended commercial license so that you can use this bundle for unlimited personal and commercial projects!

58 reviews for The Colossal Bundle: 21,000+ Design Resources (worth $34,000)

  1. Alexander Turner (verified owner)

    So many things! it’s fantastic! The only reason I dropped a star is because it’s so many files and they all start with the same file name, it’s a little overwhelming the amount of stuff to sift through. but other than that it is amazing!

  2. florent.maria (verified owner)

    Excellent et très complet pour toute les créations

  3. Steve Derry

    How can you go wrong with this Bundle! There are so many useful elements here. Even if I use one of them for a project, it has paid for itself! The files are massive and super high quality! All that for $50!

  4. Pbmidc (verified owner)

    I like it very much. Its has everything I needed for the start and till now I cant imagine to miss that pack. It’s really worth all the money. Thank you

  5. jmcustomtees (verified owner)

    Love this company. They have such great deals and the freebies are an added bonus!

  6. sylmonduy (verified owner)

    A lot of great resources here and totally worth the value! Am getting a lot of use for little cost!

  7. rob (verified owner)

    A little heavy on content I’m sure it’s great but have to find a way to keep it organized and to find assets easier.

  8. Stephen Cheek (verified owner)

    Incredible bundle! Tons of great art assets and a huge variety of categories covered. I know I’ll find something in here for every project, if I need it!

  9. Aaron (verified owner)

    A massive amount of resources for such a low price. It has exactly what I need and more for my photoshop needs! I would highly recommend!

  10. Sonal Magapu

    Yes.. sorry for the delayed reply.

  11. barbu.flavius (verified owner)

    Super tare !! Sunt aici materiale de folosit ani de zile. Excelent pentru marketeri incepatori sau avansati.

  12. SySRaven (verified owner)

    Awesome quality bundle, will come very handy in my personal projects. I’m a bit confused about the license though, because the bundle says:
    “Files have an extended royalty-license and can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects”

    However I see several license pdf files included in the various bundle folders. Many has completely different terms, and some even restrict commercial usage for software, website, ui, games, application etc.
    Some even restrict this field of use for personal non commercial projects.

    I’m confused which information is the right one regarding the asset usage. Can I use these in commercial client projects like websites, applications, games etc? (of course not “as is” with the original files, but modified edited versions of the assets)

    I would be really grateful if someone could clear this up for me. Thank you in advance! :)

    • Sonal Magapu

      Yes, sorry for the delayed reply.

      This bundle is governed by the Inky Deals Extended Commercial License –

      Since this bundle is a bundle of bundle, the downloads do have individual licenses but the Inky Deals license overall applies. Hope this helps.

  13. gerritvanrooyen (verified owner)

    Great Bundle especially for beginner designers that want to start making a living off of it. I bought it for only a few things in here and the price was worth it just for those.

  14. cekeller (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic bundle! Lots of amazing stuff that will save me a lot of time! Thx

  15. maria5 (verified owner)

    I good bundle, but there are so many parts to download and I wish it would say what is in each. Now it just says “” etc witch no description (until you unzip it). I want to know before I download them what they contain.

  16. jbittnerdesign (verified owner)

    Worth every penny! Huge library! Quality assets.

  17. (verified owner)

    Humongous bundle. Well worth the money. It’s simply freaking amazing, tons of designs. few months after, still going through it, and discovering new stuff:) Thank U Inky:)

  18. patrycjusz.zwolinski (verified owner)

    Simply AWESOME.
    Those mock-ups and addons saved my life :)
    Huge content and more.
    thank you inky :)


    are there any household appliance assets in the bundle? Like washing machines, fridge…


    • Sonal Magapu

      Hi there,
      There aren’t any household elements though there are loads of electronic elements like computers and mobiles.

  20. Rosa

    I live in Fiji. I purchased a similar bundle, but I was unable to access the programs because of my location. If I purchase this bundle, will I be able to access it outside of the USA?

    • Hemant Rajurkar

      Hi Rosa,

      Yes, you can purchase the bundle and it will run anywhere in the world. There is no location restriction to this bundle.

  21. meljenni (verified owner)

    Hi there,

    About how many gigs is all of this when downloaded. I would like to put it on my USB and want to make sure I have enough space.

  22. Iasmin (verified owner)

    Hi, its a great bundle but i can,t find The search-catalog.pdf at my files for download. Can you help me to find it or sending to me?

  23. cathrineblan (verified owner)

    Your licence is very vague can you tell me if I can use these items in digits that I design for resale eg incorporating them into digital papers and other digital items that are altered.

  24. Ray (verified owner)

    Bought this with another product with the plan to not purchase anything else for quite a while(we’ll see). Love the purchase so glad i had bit the bullet and gone for it. Great stuff.

  25. Martin (verified owner)

    This MASSIVE bundle is really astounding. I have been a member of DesignTNT and was sad when it went offline. I am glad I now have the opportunity to still make use of their excellent products through this bundle.

    • Ana Maria Staicu

      Thank you for the feedback!

  26. Patrick

    this is an amazing bundle and worth the money as long as the license would be clear. The DesignTNT license seems old.

    It doesn’t clarify if I can use this art for commercial mobile apps. I wonder too if I can use it as stickers, let users draw on them and then export the finished picture to their gallery.

    How do I make sure that it actually includes an extended license if the downloaded files include different licenses?

    • Ana Maria Staicu

      Yes, you may use the bundles for your digital artwork for any purpose, be it commercial or otherwise.

      The only restriction is that you not sell or give away the products “as is” or allow the finished artwork to be deconstructed into its basic elements.

  27. Michel

    Very good bundle. I have used it very much on projects for many clients. Very good job.

    Merci Beaucoup,

  28. Samuel

    Thank you Inky for an awesome resource bundle. I bought this beauty 2 months ago and I’ve been using the resources included in all my projects so far. This bundle is what made me a huge Inky fan. Thanks guys and keep up the good work.

  29. Garry S

    Bought this bundle primarily for the textures and I was very happy to see I had a lot more resources to use when I found myself in a pinch. What was once a pretty hefty spend (just for textures) is now my go to library. Thanks, Inky!

  30. James

    This is quite the product. I’ve been using InkyDeals bundles and deals for quite some time, but this product really gave me the best bang for my buck. Will continue to use it and I can’t wait to see what other products come our way.

    Best regards,

  31. angela

    This is a great bundle! You cant go wrong with anything from Inky Deals! I buy new bundles and deals almost once a week, and yes sometimes I have made the mistake of buying something I have, but the customer support is beyond excellent and I am on here daily.

  32. gibson.johnny3 (verified owner)

    It is a no brainer if you can afford it then grab it. I just hope I live long enough to use it all. I had no issues thank you InkyDeals

  33. Rob

    Great stuff, thanks

  34. Dan

    Hi Joseph,

    I’m sorry about that. We had some issues with that download link (somehow I managed to break it without touching it). But it’s all fixed now and you should be able to download without a problem.

    But if you do, please drop us an email at and one of my colleagues will help you with that.

    Sincerely yours,

    • Joseph (verified owner)

      @ Dan (and Dragos). I contacted Dragos moments after I posted that and he immediately contacted you. You guys had it all worked out in MINUTES. Great job, amazing deal and awesome support. Thank you both VERY much.

  35. Val (verified owner)

    This is a really fantastic bundle, you mentioned that the fonts are included. I haven’t downloade everything yet – it takes a while – just wondered which zip file the fonts might be in? Still amazed you can do this for the price!

    • Dan

      Hi Val,

      You can find the fonts in the following zip files: ultimate-bundle-20, 21, 31 and 40. We have a search catalog in the “Deal Terms” section which you can download and check in case you’re searching for something specific.

      Best Regards,

  36. (verified owner)

    How does this differ from Inky’s Colossal Christmas Bundle that I purchased last year ?

    • Dan

      Hi Dan,

      This Colossal Bundle is almost 4 times bigger and has a ton of new resources. For example, the new vectors you’re seeing at the beginning aren’t officially released yet.

      Best Regards,

  37. f303 (verified owner)

    Just a short question before purchasing it.
    In the preview bundle are all the used fonts missing.
    Will you provide the fonts with the full bundle?

    • Dan

      Yes we will. Since it was a free sample, we couldn’t give out fonts. But they’re included in the bundle.

      Sincerely yours,


    Doesn’t work with Firefox, works with IE

  39. Mark (verified owner)

    This is a very nice bundle for little money!

    The graphics on the top of the page are ugly, and I don’t need them. When I looked at them, I thought that this bundle was crap and not worth the money. Fortunately, I didn’t decide to leave the page and scrolled through the other items. I was pretty amazed about them. They are of high quality, and they perfectly fit my template. Normally, I would have spent much more money on such items.

    Many thanks for the deal and apologies for my English – I’m from Germany. :)

  40. Toby (verified owner)

    Quick question, I want to buy this bundle but am worried about my internet usage. Can i purchase it.. then leave it waiting to download til the end of the month? Thanks

    • Dan

      Hi Toby,

      Yes, of course you can do that. After the purchase you will receive the download links in your personal account and you’ll be able to download this bundle whenever you want.

      Best Regards,

  41. Matthias (verified owner)

    Thanks for this bundle. The search-catalog.pdf give a great overview.

    to save some download time: Are the files to in this bundle identical to the files from the Epic-Bundle from summer? Or do i have to redownload them again?

    • Dan

      Hi Matthias,

      Yes, the zips from 1 to 36 are identical to the files from the Epic Bundle.

      Best Regards,

  42. Dan

    Hi Phil,

    I’m really sorry about that.

    If you didn’t receive an answer from us in 3 weeks, this means your email probably got lost. We had a couple of issues with our support system back then. The easiest way to do it is drop me an email at or contact us through our Facebook page.

    Anyway. My colleague from support is taking care of your issue as we speak and you should see the results in a couple of hours tops.

    Sincerely yours,

  43. Ryan (verified owner)

    Awesome – Purchased a few days ago. Great bundle & saving – Keep it up :)


    I give this bundle five stars FOR SOMEONE WHO HASN’T BOUGHT THIS STUFF ALREADY. to be honest though I own most of this already and as a way of celebrating a third birthday i am extremely disappointed in inky deals only re releasing all this old stuff again. absolutely no reason for the long and faithful customers to get excited at all. PLEASE release something for “us” to get excited about and feel like it really is a celebration! :)

  45. Ashley (verified owner)

    Just wanted to show appreciation as I’m new to Inky. Received an email update from my subscription to Jacob Cass’ blog/site showing information about this deal. Although I got a bit too excited and missed the coupon part, it’s still very much worth it! Couldn’t imagine the time it takes building a bundle like this. Thanks for the deal guys! Can’t wait to lock myself inside my office for hours and design. Can’t say my spouse will understand, but it’s worth it haha!

    Also, happy 3rd birthday Inky!

    Take care,

    • Dan

      Hi Ashley, and welcome to InkyDeals :)

      I hope you’ll enjoy this bundle. It’s really something different and the resources will last you a lifetime.

      Regarding the coupon. You can drop us an email at and one of my colleagues will give you a new one to use here.

      Sincerely yours,

  46. Angelika (verified owner)

    There is no reason to stop such huge bundles!
    You only should list, which bundles are included, this information is often missing.
    But please keep these bundles, they are awesome. Who don’t want them, don’t buy them, so easy it is.

    “We do have something new prepared, but it will be launched in a couple of days.
    Best Regards,

    Did I miss this? Or was it no realeased in the meantime? I too have nearly all of this birthday bundle purchased before, so it would be great, to get this other one :)

    • Dan

      Hi Angelika,

      I wasn’t talking about a new bundle because it takes a lot of time to create and prepare the new resources. It’s been delayed for a couple of days, but the deal will be available in two weeks.

      Sincerely yours,

    • Angelika (verified owner)

      Two weeks are gone, where is the deal? :)

    • Dan

      Hello again :)

      The deal I was talking about is the Typography Creation Kit 2. You can see it on the front page.

      Best Regards,

  47. richard (verified owner)

    big hugh nice deal.
    a search catalog will be nice?

    • Dan

      We’ll post the search catalog tomorrow. It’s kind of difficult to make one with so many resources, that’s why it’s taking us a while.

      Best Regards,

  48. Emma

    Do you have a search catalog for this bundle?

    • Dan

      The Search Catalog is ready. You can get it from the Deal Terms section.

      Best Regards,

  49. Joe (verified owner)

    Am i allowed to offer the vectors for selfdesigned Shirts in an online shirtshop?

    • Dan

      Yes, as long as you don’t sell the original vector files, just the images or the actual t-shirts.

      Sincerely yours,

  50. Hodor

    Hodor… Hodor, hodor hodor. Hodor!

  51. Dan

    Please check if your browser blocks pop-ups from our website. Or simply try with another browser. The links are perfectly fine (I’ve double checked them just now) and this freebie is available as an instant download.

    Sincerely yours,

  52. Dan

    Hi Leo,

    We have a couple of issues with our support system, that’s why it takes us a while until we manage to answer all the emails (and they’re a lot), especially now when it’s Inky’s Birthday. But I can assure you that you’ll receive an email from one of my colleagues as soon as possible.

    Sincerely yours,

  53. Niilo

    I LOVE these bundles, but it’s getting difficult to know what I’ve purchased in the past that may be already included in any new bundles, and as good as the prices are, I don’t want to double-up and pay twice or more for the same resources. Doing manual searches for comparisons is near impossible.

    I’ve already got the Big Bang Bundle, the Colossal Bundle and the Spring Bundle – does this Birthday Bundle have significant overlap with these others?


    • Dan

      Hi Niilo,

      We know that it’s pretty tough to keep track due to the bundle’s size, that’s why this is the last one of this kind.

      All the resources from the Big Bang Bundle are included in this bundle, but there’s another $15.000 worth of additional resources here. It’s up to you if you want to purchase the bundle for the new resources or skip this one and wait for a smaller one, but with brand-new resources.

      Best Regards,

  54. Brian (verified owner)

    Hey had a quick question. I am a teacher and sell lesson plans on If I buy these graphic packs can I use them in lessons/power points/materials/etc that that I create and sell? They will be in a secured pdf and/or flattened documents.

    • Dan

      Hey Brian,

      Yes, as long as they’re in a PDF or you’re not giving the original source files you can do whatever you want with them.

      Best Regards,

  55. Daniel Gaudet (verified owner)

    Is there any overlap with the Epic Bundle (or Ultimate Design Library which includes the Epic Bundle)?


    • Dan

      Hi Daniel,

      Yes, unfortunately most of this bundle has the same products as the Epic Bundle. The difference is that this bundle also contains the 1,500 vectors deal, the Giga Bundle and some extra resources.


    • (verified owner)

      Thanks for your quick follow-up Dan!

      I was looking at purchasing the Epic bundle as well (since the link still works). I have no need purchase it if it’s part of this bundle.

  56. (verified owner)

    I’ve just purchased this bundle. How long do I have to download all the components?

    • Dan

      It depends on your internet speed. There are 44 GB of design goodies there and it could take a while.

      Sincerely yours,

    • (verified owner)

      Thanks Dan. I have another question along the same lines. If I only download a few parts, will the other parts be available lets say 6 months from now? One year from now?


  57. John (verified owner)

    How much of the Jumbozilla bundle is included in this (if any)? Bought this one earlier today and I’m trying to decide if I NEED the Jumbozilla bundle too. I know, 1st world problems right? Maybe if Inkydeals didn’t include so much in their bundles I wouldn’t have a hard time saying no to another bundle of bad ass resources.

    • Dan

      Hi John,

      There aren’t any resources from JumboZilla in this bundle. Even though they’re both huge, we’re talking about different types of design goodies.

      And we’re going to launch smaller bundles from now on. This is the last bundle of this kind.

      Sincerely yours,

  58. GrafXQuest

    This bundle is freaking awesome. I have most of this if not all of this. Great stuff. Will there be a birthday bundle of new stuff for those of us who have these already perhaps a 007 deal ;) ? Ready to do a happy dance…thanks!

    • Dan

      We do have something new prepared, but it will be launched in a couple of days.

      Best Regards,

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