Brick Wall Textures

What’s this?

This set contains 20 high-resolution brick wall textures, varying from aged and grungy to clean and organized. We tried them ourselves and we can assure you, this set is amazing! Each image is at least 6000×4000 px at 240 dpi, you will be able to use them in prints, with high quality results.

Why do I need this set?

Free textures are either low resolution, or don’t have the same level of detail a premium one can offer you. This set WILL save you alot of time and effort: just look at the preview. It took just a light edit to get to those amazing results, and all done under 5 minutes!
Still not convinced? Try using Autolevels , a 4 px High Pass and a slight increase in Contrast and see for yourself. Download now!

Files: .JPG @ 300 dpi

Usually you would have to pay $10, but exclusively on InkyDeals you can now take home these textures for only $0.99

Take a look at what you get:



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