Abelia - Handcrafted Font

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Abelia is one of the many fonts released by InkyDeals. Its purpose is to convey a personal note, while still preserving its lettering discipline. Caps and all caps glyphs make it suitable for titles and notes, but it also does a neat job with sub-titles and paragraphs.

It is easily readable, is well-rounded and looks even better with hand-crafted decorations.

One might say it’s a lackluster because it has no small letters. But the reason it lacks the lowercase glyphs is that it would overshadow its true purpose: decorative titles!

File type: .TTF

What’s a .TTF file?
A .TTF file is one of the formats for fonts. To install this type of file into your computer, double-click it and click “Install”. It will automatically copy itself into your system files, and you can use it with any app that supports custom-made fonts.

Act fast and you can upgrade your fonts folder with only $0.99This is the price for standard license, but if you want to use these resources in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects, get the extended one for an extra $4! Please check the Terms and Licence tab for more info.

Take a look at what you get:


Terms & License

‐ Files are delivered as an instant download
‐ Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.

Standard License –

Files are used to create an item that is neither for sale nor free distribution. The file and derivatives can be viewed on the creator’s site no matter how many people visit the site. It can be used electronically (on the internet) for an unlimited number of times.

N.B. :The user may use the item for resale and free distribution when the file or item plays a minor role in the End Product.

Furthermore, the buyer cannot create more than 500.000 physical copies of the file. They are further restricted from creating content for resale and distribution, where the file plays a major role in the End Product.

Extended License –

The buyer can use the file in all the cases mentioned in the Standard License but he is no longer limited to 500.000 physical copies. They can also use the derivatives of the file no matter the role in End Products that are intended for sale of Free distribution.

Note: In no way is the user allowed to Redistribute/resell/lease/license/sub license the item in the form he receives it (as is) or in modified form.
They also cannot include the files in bundles or software with the intention of boosting sales. This is considered redistribution of the original resource and is infringing upon the license.

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  1. nicky1 (verified owner)

    Great font.

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