432 High-Res Grunge Textures with a Commercial License

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A good collection of textures can be a real goldmine in times of need. You can use them in pretty much every design – from creating web backgrounds or texture overlays to prints, illustrations, digital drawing, and much more. Your imagination is the only limit.

Even though there are a lot of textures available on the market, many of them are useless or too pricey. Wanting to change that, we came up with this incredible bundle of premium grunge textures – actually some of the best on the market!

With this bundle, you get a huge variety of textures such as aged paper, stained paper, paint, grunge, cement, metal, walls and more.

Each texture is at least 4000 x 2500 px at 240 DPI, but most of them are at 300 DPI, meaning you can use them in prints, with high-quality results. They’re already pre-edited, meaning you will save a lot of time and effort; all you have to do is paste them into a new layer and you’re ready to go!

These textures come with a commercial license, meaning you can use them in an unlimited number of personal and commercial purposes without any additional fees!

Also, if these textures don’t rise to your expectations, you have a 200% money-back guarantee. This means you get all your money back and keep the textures!

And the best part is that you can get this entire bundle for just $29; that’s as low as $0.06 per texture!

And if you’re convinced yet, you can easily download this awesome sample with 5 high-res textures and test them in your designs!



Take a look at what you get. Click on the images for a full preview of the set:


White Walls Textures Set – 11 Textures worth $10



Dirty Canvas Textures Set – 10 Textures worth $10



Grunge Wood Textures Set – 10 Textures worth $10



Marble Textures Set – 11 Textures worth $10



Rusted Metal Textures Set – 11 Textures worth $10



Split Wood Textures Set – 20 Textures worth $10



Stained Paper Textures Set – 16 Textures worth $10



Extreme Rusted Metal Textures Set 1 – 12 Textures worth $15



Grunge Cracks Textures Set 4 – 10 Textures worth $15



Scratches Textures Set 2 – 17 Textures worth $15




Brick Wall Textures Set – 20 Textures Worth $10



Extreme Grunge Textures Set – 14 Textures Worth $10



Burnt Paper Textures Set 1 – 19 Textures Worth $10



Chipped Paint & Concrete Textures Set – 13 Textures Worth $10



Concrete Textures Set 3 – 14 Textures Worth $10



Old Wall Textures Set – 11 Textures Worth $10



Scratches Textures Set – 15 Textures Worth $10



Road Paint Textures – 21 Textures Worth $15



Extreme Textures Set 3 – 30 Textures Worth $15



Extreme Textures Set 2 – 24 Textures Worth $15



Extreme Textures Set 1 – 24 Textures Worth $15



Stained Paper Textures Set 2 – 25 Textures Worth $10



Old Paper Textures Set 1 – 24 Textures Worth $10



Grunge Backgrounds Set 2 – 10 Textures Worth $10



Grunge Textures Set 2 – 20 Textures Worth $15



Grunge Cement Textures – 10 Textures Worth $10



Metal Textures Set – 10 Textures Worth $10




And if you’re convinced yet, you can easily download this awesome sample with 5 high-res textures and test them in your designs!




Deal Terms

– Files are delivered as an instant download (about 4.5 GB in 7 .ZIP files)
– Each image is at least 4000 x 2800 px at 240 dpi.
– Files can be used in an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects.
– An extended royalty license is included, allowing you to use the resources in designing items for sale, such as templates, postcards, t-shirts, etc.
‐ Reselling, sharing, redistributing and giving away is NOT permitted.
DesignTNT License Agreement


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