1350+ Seamless Vector Patterns Bundle

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Huge Collection Of Seamless Patterns In 26 Different Themes!

Patterns can create magic for your designs. When applied correctly they can produce amazing and truly unique designs. And that’s just what you’ll get with this Inky Deals bundle from Pixaroma: 1350+ Seamless Vector Patterns Bundle!

Bursting with awesomeness, these breathtaking hi-resolution patterns are available in numerous themes: christmas, halloween, floral, knitting, snowflake, hearts, summer, decorative, skull, abstract, summer, animal print, damask, food, luxury, tribal, camouflage, ethnic, geometric, architectural, leaves, lines, etc. It’s the perfect solution for just about any web or print project you’re currently working on.

These patterns allow you to create a single image that could be endlessly repeated to create unique backgrounds or fabric. This bundle is ideal for backgrounds, wallpapers, greeting cards, invitations, wrapping paper, stationery, mobile covers, sneakers, shirts, textile and fabric, fashion, pillows, t-shirts, dresses, tote bags, packaging, clothes, etc.

What’s more? This bundle comes with an extended commercial license so that you can use this bundle for unlimited personal and commercial projects!

26 Categories Included In 1350+ Seamless Vector Patterns Bundle:

  • 123 Vintage Seamless Pattern
  • 100 Heart Vector Ornaments and Patterns
  • 100 Seamless Patterns Vol.1
  • 100 Seamless Patterns Vol.2
  • 100 Seamless Patterns Vol.3
  • 100 Seamless Patterns Vol.4 Xmas
  • 100 Christmas Seamless Patterns
  • 100 Snowflake Seamless Patterns
  • 100 Decorative Seamless Patterns
  • 50 Christmas Seamless Patterns
  • 50 Floral Seamless Patterns
  • 30 Floral Seamless Vector Patterns
  • 30 Christmas Seamless Knitting Pattern
  • 30 Christmas Seamless Pattern Set
  • 30 Christmas Seamless Pattern Set 2
  • 20 Abstract Lines Seamless Pattern
  • 20 Skull Seamless Vector Patterns
  • 20 Abstract Line Seamless Patterns
  • 20 Summer Seamless Vector Patterns
  • 20 Animal Print Seamless Patterns
  • 20 Tribal Vintage Seamless Patterns
  • 20 Spring Floral Seamless Patterns
  • 20 Damask & Floral Seamless Patterns
  • 18 Food Seamless Patterns
  • 16 Beautiful Floral Seamless Pattern
  • 15 Luxury Quilted Seamless Patterns

File Formats Available:

  • Vector Eps available for the bundle
  • Some files also have Vector AI
  • Pattern swatch also included in each file
  • Can be used with vector applications like Adobe Illustrator
  • Jpg or Png files are included in the bundle
  • Photoshop Patterns – *.PAT files – can be used with Adobe Photoshop

Here’s A Sneak Peek Into The Bundle:

  • 123 Vintage Seamless Pattern

Vintage Seamless patterns 1

Vintage Seamless patterns 2

Vintage Seamless patterns 3

  • 100 Heart Vector Ornaments and Patterns




  • 100 Seamless Patterns Vol.1

Seamless Patterns Vol Preview 1

Seamless Patterns Vol Preview 2

Seamless Patterns Vol Preview 3

Seamless Patterns Vol Preview 4

  • 100 Seamless Patterns Vol.2

100 Seamless Patterns Vol 2

100 Seamless Patterns Vol 2 Preview 1


100 Seamless Patterns Vol 2 Preview 3

100 Seamless Patterns Vol 2 Preview 4

  • 100 Seamless Patterns Vol.3

Seamless Patterns Vol 3  Preview 1

Vol 3 Preview 3

  • 100 Seamless Patterns Vol.4 Xmas

Seamless Patterns Vol4

Seamless Patterns Vol4 Preview

Seamless Patterns Vol4 Preview 1

Seamless Patterns Vol4 Preview 2

  • 100 Christmas Seamless Patterns


christmas-seamless-patterns preview

christmas-seamless-patterns patterns

christmas-seamless-patterns 1

  • 100 Snowflake Seamless Patterns


snowflake-seamless-patterns preview

snowflake-seamless-patterns 1

  • 100 Decorative Seamless Patterns


decorative-seamless-patterns 1

decorative-seamless-patterns 2

  • 50 Christmas Seamless Patterns




  • 50 Floral Seamless Patterns




  • 30 Floral Seamless Vector Patterns



  • 30 Christmas Seamless Knitting Pattern



  • 30 Christmas Seamless Pattern Set



  • 30 Christmas Seamless Pattern Set 2



  • 20 Abstract Lines Seamless Vector Pattern



  • 20 Skull Seamless Vector Patterns



  • 20 Abstract Line Seamless Patterns



  • 20 Summer Seamless Vector Patterns



  • 20 Animal Print Seamless Patterns




  • 20 Tribal Vintage Seamless Patterns




  • 20 Spring Floral Seamless Patterns

Spring floral

Spring floral2

Spring floral3

  • 20 Damask & Floral Seamless Patterns




  • 18 Food Seamless Vector Patterns




  • 16 Beautiful Floral Pattern


  • 15 Luxury Quilted Seamless Patterns



Grab This Seamless Vector Patterns Bundle For Just $699 $29 Today!

Deal Terms:

  • This bundle is available as an instant download, after completing your purchase.
  • The Bundle can be used for personal and commercial purposes with unlimited numbers of projects.
  • End products must not be used or sold in a way that is directly competitive with the original item you purchased.
  • Cannot be sublicensed, resold, shared, transferred, or otherwise redistributed on its own. You cannot share these resources with others.
  • You will get lifetime access to the bundle.

23 reviews for 1350+ Seamless Vector Patterns Bundle

  1. reece_barnard (verified owner)

    This is an amazing bundle of vector patterns and has something in it for everyone! No matter what the project or occasion, you’ll find something suitable to use in this bundle. My favourites would have to be the tribal patterns, combining intricate patterns with vibrant color. $29 is a GREAT price for such a high quality bundle, buy it and you won’t be disappointed.

  2. designbastn (verified owner)

    What a great library of patterns. I use these extensively on both my personal and professional projects!

  3. Thomas Cuk (verified owner)

    Perfect stuff!

  4. woof-shirt (verified owner)

    Simply fantastic and creative source for great designs – make work in many areas much easier – a really good investment

  5. adyasha0404 (verified owner)

    Very extensive variety and has been a lot of fun to play with all these designs!

  6. Katrin Perl (verified owner)

    Absolut zu empfehlen. Eine unerschöpfliche Kreativitätsquelle. Ich bin absolut glücklich damit

  7. santoncreations (verified owner)

    Love this bundle! It has such a great variety. This is a great addition to by design library.

  8. coolgsu93 (verified owner)

    Has to be one of the most complete bundles I have purchased.

  9. Royce Dodds (verified owner)

    What a bundle, this covers everything I could need, also has SVG, JPG and EPS and a PAT (pattern file for photoshop) this really covers all you might need

  10. Juan Luis Valenzuela Valenzuela (verified owner)

    great bundle, i’m using some patterns for San Valentine.

  11. Jennifer Finley (verified owner)

    This is a great bundle! There are enough patterns for nearly every project I can think of. These patterns will keep me busy for a long time.

  12. Candice Leonard (verified owner)

    Thank you, I enjoyed these files

  13. Joshua Chowdhury (verified owner)

    Excellent collection. I’ve purchased other packs (non-vector and not from InkyDeals) and they were only OK for costing $2-$5USD, but they would have 50% good stuff and the rest were not really representative of the advertising. That’s what I expected from this collection. OK for the discounted price, but not stellar throughout. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only are they seamless and vector based, which adds TONS of value, but they are all knockouts. No lazy designs here. This collection is actually worth the listed full price, and for what I paid, it was basically free. This should be in every designer’s asset folder. Buy it!

  14. Juan Padilla (verified owner)

    This package exceeded my expectations has all I need and much more
    really is great

  15. Adib (verified owner)

    Thanks! The product quality is very good, and the prices are very cheap! really helped my project.

  16. thenotoriousjed (verified owner)

    A great collection and so much to choose from. I see uses for a ton of these and am only partway through the bundle. Several styles included so there is a little something for everyone. My favorites are the skull patterns.

  17. goodderek7 (verified owner)

    This collection of patterns is awesome and at a great price. I tried out the animal patterns and the tribal ones as well. I have some projects that I can use these with. Looking forward to applying them. Thanks again Inky!

  18. Lisa Dixon (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for! I’m set for a long time.

  19. Brian (verified owner)

    Really useful stuff, and a ton of it!

  20. Craig Linton (verified owner)

    Excellent ready for Print designs

  21. Tim R (verified owner)

    This is a incredible deal! I have used some of the patterns to sublimate onto ties. they turned out great. Will be looking for more great deals!

  22. Bernhard Betz (verified owner)

    there are some really amazing patterns, but you`ll have to dig them out of a deep random mess …. i would prefer less quantity and more quality ;)

  23. robeerth (verified owner)

    Nice vector pack

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