100 Premium T-Shirt Designs from Designious

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Get your hands on this brand-new collection of t-shirt designs from our friends at Designious! We know how much you guys loved their previous deals and we bet this time will be the same.

Just take a look at what they’ve prepared for you: 100 premium t-shirt vectors, carefully crafted with lots of love and attention! They cover various themes: from funny messages to cute animals and so much more!

Plus, their number of colors is kept at a minimum, so you can easily print them on your t-shirts, hoodies or other types of garments. And the best part is that they all come with an extended license, meaning you can print and sell them right away, without any additional fees!

These t-shirts are 100% vectors, so you can edit or scale them without losing quality! They’re perfect if you’re looking for some designs that are both professional and at a great price!

And speaking of that, usually you would have to pay $1500 for this entire collection, but exclusively on InkyDeals you can grab them for just $49.  That’s a huge 99% discount! Hurry, this is a limited time offer!


Take a look at what you get:


t_shirt_m_1 t_shirt_m_2


t_shirt_m_4  t_shirt_m_6 t_shirt_m_7 t_shirt_m_8 t_shirt_m_9 t_shirt_m_10 t_shirt_m_11 t_shirt_m_12



t_shirt_m_13 t_shirt_m_14 t_shirt_m_15 t_shirt_m_16 t_shirt_m_17 t_shirt_m_18 t_shirt_m_19 t_shirt_m_20 t_shirt_m_21 t_shirt_m_22 t_shirt_m_23 t_shirt_m_24 t_shirt_m_25 t_shirt_m_26 t_shirt_m_27 t_shirt_m_28 t_shirt_m_29 t_shirt_m_30 t_shirt_m_31 t_shirt_m_32 t_shirt_m_33



t_shirt_m_34 t_shirt_m_35 t_shirt_m_36 t_shirt_m_37

t_shirt_m_68 t_shirt_m_69 t_shirt_m_40 t_shirt_m_41 t_shirt_m_42 t_shirt_m_43 t_shirt_m_44 t_shirt_m_45 t_shirt_m_46 t_shirt_m_47  t_shirt_m_49 t_shirt_m_50 t_shirt_m_51 t_shirt_m_52 t_shirt_m_53 t_shirt_m_54 t_shirt_m_55 t_shirt_m_56 t_shirt_m_57 t_shirt_m_58 t_shirt_m_59  t_shirt_m_61 t_shirt_m_62 t_shirt_m_63 t_shirt_m_64 t_shirt_m_65 t_shirt_m_66 t_shirt_m_67

t_shirt_m_100 t_shirt_m_70 t_shirt_m_71 t_shirt_m_72 t_shirt_m_73 t_shirt_m_74 t_shirt_m_75 t_shirt_m_76 t_shirt_m_77 t_shirt_m_78 t_shirt_m_79 t_shirt_m_80 t_shirt_m_81 t_shirt_m_82 t_shirt_m_83 t_shirt_m_84 t_shirt_m_85 t_shirt_m_86 t_shirt_m_87 t_shirt_m_88 t_shirt_m_89

t_shirt_m_90 t_shirt_m_91

t_shirt_m_92 t_shirt_m_93

t_shirt_m_94 t_shirt_m_95

t_shirt_m_96 t_shirt_m_97

t_shirt_m_98 t_shirt_m_99


So, what are you waiting for? Jump on this deal before it’s too late!

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