InkyDeals in Review: A Look Back at what Happened in 2014

January 28, 2015, under: Blog | 0 Comments

We wanted to thank you for being by our side and most important – for inspiring us to be better than yesterday.

Because you rock and deserve only the best,…

Winners of Inky’s Birthday Giveaway

October 8, 2014, under: Blog | 3 Comments

The time has come to announce the winners of the Inky’s Birthday Giveaway: Free Sample For Every Entry + 10 Biggest Bundles Ever. It’s been…

Inky’s Birthday Giveaway: Free Sample For Every Entry + 10 Biggest Bundles Ever

September 30, 2014, under: Blog | 675 Comments

You all know that our little blob, Inky, turned 3 this week and you’re all invited to his birthday party!

We’re so grateful for having over 300.000 creative professionals by…

Why don’t we say hi to each other?

August 13, 2014, under: Blog Fun | 34 Comments

Believe it or not, but here at InkyDeals we are pretty close to each other. Given that we’re a small team, we do a lot of things together: go…

Winners of the Giveaway: Win 10 x Big Bang Bundle worth $14,979

May 21, 2014, under: Blog | 1 Comments

Today we reveal who are the 10 lucky winners of the Giveaway: Win 10 x Big Bang Bundle worth $14,979! Before we do that, Inky…

Giveaway: Win 10 x Big Bang Bundle worth $14,979

May 13, 2014, under: Blog | 492 Comments

In the summertime when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up.. and grab Inky’s Big Bang Bundle. I’m talking about $14,979 worth of …

Winners of the Giveaway: 10 x New Colossal Bundles worth $10,063 Each!

March 27, 2014, under: Blog | 3 Comments

The time has come to announce the winners of the Giveaway: Win 10 x New Colossal Bundles worth $10,063 Each! It’s been an exciting and joyful week…

Giveaway: Win 10 x New Colossal Bundles worth $10,063 Each!

March 20, 2014, under: Blog | 643 Comments

Update March 21st

Thank you for your positive and many, many comments! Inky feels truly blessed and to prove it, he’s offering you a free sample from the bundle worth…

How to Create a Cool Concept-Based Poster in Photoshop

February 27, 2014, under: Blog | 3 Comments

As designers, we’ll never stop learning. There will always be a new version of Photoshop, some new trends or some complicated designs that will be pretty difficult to make…

Inky Special: Get a Free Deal for Every Purchase You Make

October 22, 2013, under: Blog | 9 Comments

When it comes to surprises, Inky’s always the best around. He is always searching for new ways to surprise his friends or for different gifts that he hopes will…

Winners of Inky’s Birthday Giveaway: 3x $100 Coupons & 5 Birthday Bundles

October 17, 2013, under: Blog | 3 Comments

Today’s the big day when you find out whether you won one of the 5 awesome prizes from Inky’s Birthday Giveaway: Win 3x $100 Coupons &…

Inky’s Birthday Giveaway: Win 3x $100 Coupons & 5 Birthday Bundles

October 9, 2013, under: Blog | 3 Comments

When it comes to partying, Inky is unstoppable! This week he’s extremely happy because he’s all grown up. Inky turned 2 yesterday and he’s very proud, because no other…

Help a Fellow Designer: Send Him a $9 Coupon and Get One in Return!

September 27, 2013, under: Blog | 2 Comments

Today we try to raise awareness of a one of a kind campaign from the design world that we just launched. You’re probably asking yourself “What is this?”. Well, it’s…

Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create a Vintage Car Service Logo

September 18, 2013, under: Blog | 2 Comments

Logo design is the process to create simple, recognizable images that represent a company. For a designer going through this process, it is very important to understand the…

The Basic Principles for Great Character Design

September 11, 2013, under: Blog | 4 Comments

Wondering what we’re working on? Well, we’ve convinced the talented team behind Design TNT to offer us an exclusive, discounted version of their upcoming Super Premium

A Message from the Inky Deals Team

August 30, 2013, under: Blog | 4 Comments

Thank you for being a part of our family of over 300,000 members.  Because you rock and deserve only the best, we’re trying every day to give you top-quality…

Giveaway: Win 3 Ginormous Bundles & Get 50 Free Abstract Illustrations

August 29, 2013, under: Blog | 274 Comments

To celebrate his great big family of creative professionals, Inky has decided to organize a ginormous giveaway! He wants you to rejoice with him and see that he is…

Winners of Inky’s Design Cocktail Bundle Giveaway

May 29, 2013, under: Blog | 4 Comments

Inky was absolutely mind-blown by all your comments and, together with his team, would like to say a most honest and heartfelt Thank you’  to absolutely everyone who participated…

Giveaway: Comment to Win 5 x Inky’s Design Cocktails

May 21, 2013, under: Blog | 164 Comments

To celebrate the launch of his latest bestselling bundle, Inky’s Design Cocktail: $2012 Worth of Premium Goodies for Just $49, the blob himself decided to…

Illustrator Tutorial: Create Your Own Typographic Design

April 30, 2013, under: Blog | 8 Comments
  • Research and Theory

Everybody knows typographic designs are awesome. They’re versatile, useful in both web and print, easily adapted to every need and extremely beautiful when done right. And because…

Illustrator Tutorial: How to Create Premium Vector Badges

April 24, 2013, under: Blog | 11 Comments

Have you ever wondered how Inky gets such top quality deals? He has great partners, such as the guys from Design TNT. Actually,…

Winners of Inky’s Spring Bundle Giveaway!

April 3, 2013, under: Blog | 0 Comments

Congratulations from Inky himself and his whole team to the 5 lucky winners and a special ‘Thank you‘ to all that participated. This was our biggest giveaway so far…

Winners of the 5x $50 Gift Cards from Inky!

March 27, 2013, under: Blog | 2 Comments

The time has come to find out who are the 5 lucky winners that get each a $50 gift card! Inky thanks you all for participating and says ‘Congratulations‘…

Comment to Win a Free Spring Bundle or Your Favorite Deal!

March 26, 2013, under: Blog | 168 Comments

Spring is here and it’s all about giving for little Inky – you could almost say it’s the holidays. He’s just finished a Free Web Design Bundle (which you…

Tweet and Win 5x $50 Gift Cards to Spend on Inky Deals!

March 12, 2013, under: Blog | 11 Comments

As you probably already know, Inky has put together an impressive Free Web Design Bundle containing 471 free premium resources along with SitePoint, Designmodo, Vandelay…

Giga Bundle Giveaway Winners & Pinky’s Reveal!

February 14, 2013, under: Blog | 1 Comments

The much awaited Valentine’s Day is finally here. And aside from the heart-shaped candy, presents and all the love floating in the air, Inky has another reason for you…

Choose Inky’s Valentine & Get a Chance to Win a Free Giga Bundle!

February 12, 2013, under: Blog | 51 Comments

When there’s a will, there’s a way! That’s what you proved by commenting and helping us create an amazing Valentine for our beloved Inky. Or three, to be exact….

Help Inky Find His Valentine!

February 5, 2013, under: Blog | 31 Comments

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. No one should be alone on this particular holiday – and when I say this, I’m…

The Christmas Giveaway Winners

December 20, 2012, under: Blog | 1 Comments

The time has come to reveal the 5 lucky winners of Inky’s Christmas Giveaway!

Drum roll…

Before we make the big announcement, Inky just wanted to thank…

Christmas Giveaway! Win a Free Bundle or Your Favorite Deal

December 17, 2012, under: Blog | 109 Comments

Deck the hall with boughs of holly Fa la la la la la la la la, ‘Tis the season to be jolly…

‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed, because…

Inky’s New Website – Discounts & Surprises

November 20, 2012, under: Blog | 0 Comments

Good news, guys! Today is a big day for Inky and his team – we’ve just launched the new and improved version of Inky Deals. We’ve also prepared some…